Thursday, January 04, 2018

52/52 2017

Week 52
25 - 31 December

New toys

Jamie got no fewer than five fire engines for Christmas this year. He loves the emergency services as part of his wider affinity for all large vehicles and, although we haven't explained the nitty gritty of fires, car crashes, death, injury, criminality and so forth, he has thoroughly absorbed the concept that blue lights mean they're rushing to help people, and is happy about that. If you ask him about them he will say "help people" long before he gets to "nee-nah" which confuses outsiders.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

51/52 2017

Week 51
18 - 24 December


Jamie is always interested in what other people are doing and is almost always interested in tech. Steve doesn't want to have to shut himself away every time he's using his laptop, so as a rather neat solution, Jamie now has one of Steve's old wireless keyboards enabling them to both happily clatter away typing together.

50/52 2017

Week 50
11 - 17 December

The first day of proper snow, Jamie hated it, largely because it was still falling and getting in his face. On the second day, he was adamant that he Did Not Want to go out.

So, my PA offered a Plan. She would go outside and play right in front of the window and attract his attention. I would wait for him to get interested and then wrestle the snowsuit onto him. Then she would open the door and he'd be able to simultaneously break free from me and get a better look at what she was doing and wouldn't realise he'd gone out in the snow until he was out in the snow.


It worked like a charm and he had a great time.

Bonus video footage: