Saturday, March 17, 2018

11/52 2018

Week 11
12 - 18 March


This weekend we had a very special outing - we were invited to visit a local recycling firm so that Jamie could admire some bin lorries up close.

Inspecting bin lorry

Conditions weren't ideal - Jamie is on day 2 of a sniffle, and it was snowing - but from his safe vantage point on his daddy's shoulders he got to have a good look and he definitely did enjoy himself. He didn't quite feel confident enough to sit up in the driver's cab though!

Back of bin lorry

Big thank you to Fortress Recycling.

Friday, March 16, 2018

10/52 2018

Week 10
05 - 11 March

Halfway down the stairs

We were all rather horribly ill this week, which is probably why, instead of enthusiastically clomping or sliding down the stairs, Jamie felt it necessary to stop halfway and do his best Robin the Frog impression.

09/52 2018

Week 9
26 February - 04 March

Jamie's kitchen

This is Jamie at his play kitchen, positioned in our hallway by the door to the grown-up kitchen so that he can join in without getting underfoot. In this picture he seems to be frying a nice nutritious bottle of Early Learning Centre washing up liquid - he also has a tendency to put toy cars in his microwave - but his favourite cooking activity is to give everyone cups of tea. His teapot is usually on the hob, and generally people are given a cup with an item of play food to enjoy while he keeps everyone topped up.

Friday, March 02, 2018

08/52 2018

Week 8
19 - 25 February

Back yard

Jamie isn't quite as interested in going out in the yard as he was last year. I don't know why - it could be the weather, it could be that he has more interesting indoor toys now, it could just be that he now has the capacity to give a clear verbal refusal and tell me what he would prefer to do. But this week, we went out in the yard, and we tidied the plant pots, and we did experimenting with the ice on top of the bucket, and we pulled out the Little Tikes car.

For me, seeing him out here again really underlined how much he has grown and how much more mobile he is.

07/52 2018

Week 7
12 - 18 February


Jamie is working on his last four molars and his fingers are more or less permanently in his mouth.