Monday, December 04, 2017

48/52 2017

Week 48
27 November - 03 December

Steve had to get up silly-early for work this week, and while Jamie usually stays asleep, on this day he woke up, and it's hard to persuade a two year old that it's still night time and he should go back to sleep when he's had nearly a full night's sleep and can hear morning-type sounds.

As a result, the nap that usually happens in the afternoon, happened in the morning, and by 2pm Jamie was fully rested, fully fed, and ready for whatever the world had to offer on this muddled-up day.

Winter playground

What it offered was this: the really good park in Stratford, practically empty and glowing with a winter sunset. We stayed until dark (about 4pm, sniff) and even then he didn't want to leave.

Yes, he did end up having a second mini-nap.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

47/52 2017

Week 47
20 - 26 November

We ventured out to a shopping centre at the weekend and got lunch at an Ask Italian restaurant, a chain which is currently pushing "homemade" lemonade by giving everyone a complimentary shot glass of it.

Steve and I didn't think much of it. Jamie couldn't decide. He sipped a bit, pulled a face, then sipped again as if he couldn't quite believe the taste.

But, he loved the shot glass. And as long as he was being reasonably careful, Steve and I were quite happy to let him drink his water from it.


Bonus video footage (with apologies from Steve for filming in portrait):

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

46/52 2017

Week 46
13 - 19 November


Look at him climb! He still needs a bit of encouragement and reassurance that a trusted adult is there before he'll go over the top of the net and onto the playframe, but he's quite confident getting himself well off the ground. I think he finds it easier in autumn when the playground is more sparsely populated and he can take his time and concentrate.

45/52 2017

Week 45
06 - 12 November

One of our places that we go quite often is the garden centre. They have plants, they have a cafe, they have a soft play, and they also have a lot of tat for sale including this rack of toy vehicles.

Cross referencing

Jamie worships this rack. I let him turn it himself (with a gentleness bordering on reverence) and on this occasion, he brought his I Spy Book of Every Vehicle On The Road (yes, it's a real book) so that he could sit there and do cross-referencing. He was so pleased when he found ones that matched!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

44/52 2017

Week 44
30 October - 05 November

Autumn 2017

A few years back, a couple of very large trees at one of our local parks had to be cut down for safety reasons after they were badly weakened by some sort of arboreal illness. In a burst of creativity and sensitivity, the stump and larger chunks of decent wood were turned into sculptures and dotted around the park, including our friend the hedgehog.

43/52 2017

Week 43
23 - 29 October


My mum got Jamie play-doh for his birthday, along with a lovely big tub of all those tools and accessories which my primary school self had never got a chance to play with. Well, I'm getting my chance now! Jamie's number one request is for "blue noodles" which is lovely squishy crushy therapy for a mama.

Interestingly, Jamie doesn't like to touch the play-doh with his hands. He'll ask other people to do things for him and he'll use the various tools, but he actively resists giving it a good squish.

Friday, November 24, 2017

42/52 2017

Week 42
16 - 22 October

Bath time

Jamie doesn't have a bath every day and he still has mixed feelings about them. If you ask him if he'd like a bath he'll probably say no - but then, two year old children say no to a lot of things that aren't "would you like to continue doing exactly what you're doing right now, indefinitely," so that's not much help. He definitely enjoys playing in the bath. He doesn't like water in his face. He's a bit suspicious of bubbles, which are a fairly recent addition to the bathing experience. He asks to get out of the bath to use the potty, which I'm really impressed about. He likes his yellow duck but doesn't seem to consider it a bath toy.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

41/52 2017

Week 41
09 - 15 October

Jamie's second birthday cake

This is the week Jamie turned two. I'm glad, therefore, to have this picture from his last few days of being One.


It's not possible to overstate how excited Jamie gets about builders and associated vehicles. As well as gazing enraptured from the window, we also got to know a group of builders who were doing work on several houses that were so close to ours I never even lost my WiFi signal when we went to investigate. For their part, the builders and the homeowners fell in love with this serious little boy who was content to stand quietly out of the way, gripping his mother's hand, as long as he was allowed to gaze at the "mix mix", the "dig dig", and of course the beloved Van.

The last stage on two of the houses was to lay brick paving at the front, and on both occasions Jamie was delighted to be invited to help with the sand (parental pride moment: that's how confident everyone was by then about Jamie's demonstrated ability to be a very good boy, observe limits, and not make us regret it). He was so thrilled, fetching the toys from his little sand tray in our yard and being allowed to go for it with literal tons of sand alongside his very best adult friends.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

40/52 2017

Week 40
02 - 08 October

Artist at work

I try and give Jamie plenty of access to art materials. He's not yet at the stage of drawing actual Things, or colouring in shapes, but he's enjoying being able to make marks and experiment with dots, loops, continuous lines, etc. He doesn't like to have paint on his hands at all (a shame, because last year he "signed" our Christmas cards with paint handprints and it was good), nor does he enjoy stickers (they're too sticky on his fingers), but felt tips, crayons, chalk, pencils, and paintbrushes are all acceptable.