Saturday, May 01, 2010

BADD 2010 Roundup

As usual, here are my five favourite posts from BADD 2010 so far. Bear in mind that once again the total contributions are well into three figures and I have not managed to read all of them. I may have missed the best post ever.

First up, we have Angelikitten's post about Voluntary Accommodations, exploring the positive difference accommodating attitudes in the workplace can make - and thus highlighting what a barrier negative attitudes become to disabled people who are willing and able to work if they could only rely on such adjustments being made.

Heather at OhWheely posted about those people who don't seem to realise how much more difficult they are making our lives by refusing to do their jobs properly. She also raises the impossibility of fighting every battle and the balancing act of trying to say "this is unacceptable" without sounding like a whinger.

Stephen at Single Lens Reflections brought some much needed comedy relief - and a valid point about two-way assumptions - with his wonderful post Flying the Red Flag of Understanding.

More Than A Mascot is a post from Bethany about the importance of proper, meaningful inclusion rather than sidelining and patronisation of disabled kids in mainstream schools.

And finally, Assiya at For A Fairer Today wrote Submissiveness, a post about having to be cautious because help and acceptance can be very conditional. This one really twanged for me - I am constantly conscious of not wanting to challenge or 'bother' doctors, social workers, etc, for fear that they will withdraw what assistance they do give.

Till next year...

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