Sunday, February 25, 2007

Happy Birthday To Steve

It was Steve's birthday on Friday and he came to visit for a few days. On top of the birthday thing, we also haven't seen each other for a few weeks and most likely won't see each other again for a bit, because he's currently studying for another bit of accreditation (so that he can apply for jobs paying £obscene) and fixing up his motorbike. If I'm actually physically present, which we tried briefly, then on the one hand he eats properly (because he wants to look after me and as that involves me eating one hot meal a day, it makes sense for him to eat one too, at the same time), but on the other hand he doesn't get much study done because he wants to spend time with me, talk to me, take me places and so on. I am a distraction. And lovely as it is to spend time together, it doesn't lead to any kind of technical qualification. So we are apart, and he is losing weight, which alarms me, but he's a grownup so it's up to him.

It was wonderful to see him though, even if it was rather less of him than I had hoped to see. Plus, for a couple of days (and with a couple of weeks to fall apart afterwards), I can push the boat out a bit - no long romantic walks, or parties at nightclubs, or adventure activity days, or anything like that, but I made sure we could Do Stuff for his birthday.

The day started well. I'd got him one soppy present, one present he knew I was getting him, and one geeky present he never imagined he was getting. He was extremely happy, especially with that last one.

We went to Southwold for the morning where we investigated the Under the Pier Show, which was just fantastic and bizarre, and then we went into the "town centre" and found a posh chocolate shop with a tea-room in the back where we had a lovely civilised cream tea. Southwold is a strange place. It's a bit like the 1950s unless you're trying to find a place to park in which case it's like central London just before the congestion charge. People largely come to Southwold to retire (if they can afford it - beach huts in Southwold sell for the same as houses elsewhere), or for lovely wholesome family day-trips. Lots of parked cars and nothing like enough spaces. Even on a weekday in February. Then it was back to Lowestoft, went and said hello to Pip, tried to say hello to my sister at the place where she works (hadn't realised it was her day off), got some lunch, and went back to the flat.

In the evening we went for a nice meal at a nearby Chinese restaurant. Well, that was the plan. It started so smoothly, too. Wake up from late-afternoon nap. Have a nice cuppa and browse the net together until deciding it's about time for dinner. Start to get ready.

Unfortunately the next bit went: Mary attempts to go and use the toilet, falls over, and lands in/on the bathtub, winded. Steve hears the crash, leaps up, helps the Mary-spaghetti out of the tub and into her bedroom, upon which he realises he's just got a nosebleed, probably from jumping up in panic like that. Both of us sit quietly, me with ibuprofen and him with a tissue up one nostril, until we decide to try again.

Nevertheless we got out and we had our dinner and, indeed, got home again, all in one piece (each).

On Saturday, as you can imagine I wasn't really up to much at all, but we went to the cinema to see Hot Fuzz. If you like Spaced or Shaun of the Dead or Black Books or any of that kind of stuff, you'll probably like this. The homage-o-meter goes through the roof, so I'm going to need to get this on DVD when it comes out.

And today... well, today he went back home. He wanted to travel while it was still light - the plan was he'd pack in the morning, then we'd have lunch, and then he'd leave - but it never works out like that at the best of times, instead he packed after lunch and didn't get gone until dusk. I wanted to go downstairs to wave him off but he was too worried about whether or not I'd make it back up to the flat on my own. He worries far too much. Still, he says it was a nice birthday so I guess that's mission accomplished :)


fluttertongue said...

Thanks for your advice re job-searching. This is exactly what I was after. I, too, have a distant boyfriend and in a way it's good because I can spend all my energy on things I have to do rather than spending it on him but it's not ideal. Good luck with your DLA application - here's crossing my fingers for a 'decision maker' with a brain.

The Goldfish said...

Glad you both had a nice time, Mary. Yes, Southwold is a weird place. George Orwell spent a lot of time there though; that's what I always think of.

Do they still have the "Total Eclipse of the Sun" experience? You used to be able to pay to go into this little hut and, well it was dark, like there was an eclipse...

Mary said...

Hi Fluttertongue, glad it was of some help. Don't get too overexcited though - remember I haven't managed to sort myself out with a job! I can't work enough hours/earn enough money to support myself, and since I live on my own that is a problem. Tax Credits and stuff may help, but there's no way on this earth I can do a job, keep up with the housework, AND deal with the benefits/tax credits agencies every time my earnings shift by £10. I need to be feeling a bit better and/or living with someone before I can make that attempt.

Yes, Goldfish, they do still have the Total Eclipse Experience, although I didn't feel it would be worth wasting 20p on as it was rather obvious how it worked... although looking at the website, a lot of energy was put into the audio commentary.

We watched someone on the absolutely inspired Rent-A-Dog ride, had our pictures taken in the Expressive Photobooth and got a "prescription" from the "doctor", which I may upload to flickr once I've remembered to take them to my mum's house to scan them in. Tim Hunkin is a genius.