Friday, August 03, 2007

Much niceness

I have been slightly unexpectedly Evilstevied this week.

This is very definitely a good thing. However, I haven't quite recovered from the airshow, and it's really hard to stick to pacing when you're excited about seeing a boyfriend you've been missing for about a month and a half. So this morning, he is still in bed, and I am typing this, because I'm too sore to be able to lie still and don't want to keep him awake.

He'll be here a couple of days, probably. After that we're not sure what happens. He wants to be back here again for a party in a week's time, but definitely has to go home first, so we're toying with two options. Option one is that he goes home alone, then in a week he comes back on the bike, nice long ride for him on his own, and we hope that I will be feeling okay enough to go from my flat to the party on the bike with him. I'd say there's about a 40% chance of me being able to manage that, and I would definitely enjoy it. Option two is that I go back with him and spend a week at his, before the two of us come back here in the car. Unfortunately it has to be the car because there is no way on this earth that I could even dream of managing the several hours it takes to get from his to mine sitting up and hanging on the back of a motorbike. Snoozing on a bike is not recommended...

Of the two, my personal and absolutely selfish preference is for me to go to his for a week and come back in the car. I would get to say hi to the people at the knitting group, and catch up with other friends, and go for tea and scones, and so on, it would be fantastic. However, I strongly suspect that Evilstevie could do with a nice long summer ride on his bike. Plus, he is supposed to be studying, and I can be a bit of a distraction from that, whereas if I'm not there, he only gets distracted by, well, everybody else he knows, plus the internet and assorted Shiny Things. Um. Remind me again why I'm staying away?

I am eagerly awaiting delivery of a Sock Kit from Web Of Wool. I was a little concerned that it would arrive simultaneously with Steve, but it didn't. This is good because it means when it does arrive, I can be very excited, rather than splitting my "excited about things on the doorstep" capacity between the two. You know, like birthdays, when you have lots of presents, and you don't have enough "wow, that's fantastic!" to go around. Sense?

The yarn I've chosen is a plain lilac one. I could have had any amount of self-patterning yarns, but I figured, first attempt, don't want to get confused and muck it up, just keep it simple and basic. Boring? Yes. But a higher likelihood of success, too.

Mum doesn't get why I (or anyone else) would want to knit socks. Her take on it is that I can go out and buy socks, about 3 pairs for a fiver, so why would I want to spend the same kind of money for just one pair of socks that I have to make myself? I argued that the same is true of most knitting - it's hardly a way of providing budget clothing for your family any more. She agreed, but said that a hat or a jumper or a bag or similar is at least something people see. Which is a fair point. But they probably assume it was shop-bought anyway. The only people who look at a garment and are impressed by how loveleyly (vocab) it's been done and pay attention to the detail, are the knitter, and possibly the recipient. Everyone else is sort of beside the point.

Mostly, however, I just want to see if I can. I like finding out I can do things.

Today, I think I am going to see if Steve wants to go and have lunch at the Pizza and Pancake Co in Lowestoft. It's a really nice place. They do pizzas, sweet and savoury pancakes, and pasta. They have this lunchtime deal where you get any small pizza or small pasta dish and a visit to the salad bar for about £6. And they do gorgeous desserts. My personal favourite, and the one I've got a hankering for today, is the Cookie Crumble - a big sundae glass with loads of chocolate sauce, cream, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, and chunks of broken choc-chip cookies throughout. It is a thing of beauty.

Perhaps I should have breakfast first.


Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

(subliminally whispering "come and see us, come and see us, come and see us.....")

Glad to hear the happys and good luck with the socks - your Mum will understand the first time you give her a pair of hand knit socks and you will understand the first time you wear yours - they are a million miles apart from shop socks - like the difference between proper oven-fresh chocolate chip cookies and the wierd economy ones from Sainsburys that look slightly too like dog biscuits!

("come and see us come and see us....")

Anonymous said...

Mmm... pizza & pancakes...

Plan is: heading back to Leam with Mary and returning by car for the bash a week friday (10th).

Biking might occur in the meantime, hopefully and weather permitting.

@Carie: she's going to be there for Knitting Club, and I actually like those Sainsburys disturbingly-like-dog-biscuits cookies

Anonymous said...

Socks are great to knit. They stand a chance of being finished within a few weeks, and they have interesting fiddly bits interspersed with nice easy bits, and wearing them makes you feel great.

Hope you enjoyed the cookie crumble!

Mary said...

oh yes...

(sorry it took me so long to reply)