Monday, September 24, 2007

Almost done

So, today is my last full day here on my little lonesome. I have one more night with a bed all to myself, and then I become a respectably living-in-sin woman. According to The Plan, Steve should turn up here tomorrow, on Wednesday take me to the doctor and help me pack more stuff, and on Thursday (possibly Friday), whisk me away for good.

Thursday (possibly Friday) isn't actually the Official Move Date. But with the best will in the world, I am not going to be a great deal of help with shifting boxes and furniture out of a first-floor flat. So we're moving me first, with a suitcase containing the stuff I need or that is highly important to me, and then at a slightly later date, Steve is going to come here on his own with a van which my friends and family will help him load up with boxes of books, furniture, remaining clothes and stuff. My mum and stepdad will be in and out disposing of the bits and bobs that I won't be taking with me, and then at a slightly later still date (which is so late mostly because of the "one month's notice" thing) they'll return the keys to my landlord on my behalf and hopefully get my deposit back too.

It feels REALLY weird. All of it. Like, I don't exactly have hundreds of friends who I see every week here, but I have a small handful of people I would define as Real Friends. And I am going to miss each and every one of them. They're all happy for me, they're all glad things are working out and going my way, but it still felt odd to hug someone and say goodbye like I have done a hundred times before but then instead of saying "don't forget to send me a text about next weekend" or similar, saying "don't forget to email me, and good luck with [long term life plans]."

The worst one is going to be Pip. And the Littlun of course, but let's be honest, I haven't known the Littlun as long and he's not a fab conversationalist. Admittedly neither is Pip but we have best-friend telepathy. But I'm not sure how well said telepathy will work across this kind of distance.

I miss him already and I've not even gone yet.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry. My best-friend-since-primary-school lives in Melbourne, Australia, and I live in Norwich, UK. Last year she lived in Singapore and I lived in France. We're both shockingly bad at keeping in touch, but we're still there for each other whenever necessary. I've now emigrated four times, plus one major within-country move (I'm younger than you). The friends who are Real Friends will always be Real Friends, wherever you are, and you will figure ways to keep in touch. Good luck.

Pandora Caitiff said...

I'm sad to see you go, but to be honest I dont really see you that much IRL anyway. I'm pleased that you are doing something that makes you happy. And that you are moving in with someone who really cares about you.

I hope you'll still keep us updated on your "vida loca" here on the blog.

And there's always MSN Messenger :)

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Who says telepathy can't work through the internet!! See you soon

Mary said...

Jo - yeah, Pip will definitely still be there for me in an instant if I need him, I know that for a fact.

Pandora - I can't actually remember the last time we met in real life. I think it may have been at that pub out in the back of beyond, with him off the boat, watching that girl singing.

Carie - absolutely! Fancy a cuppa next week?

Maggie said...

Hi Mary,

Only just picked this up today - been a complicated family weekend as I'm sure you understand!

Hope that the move goes as smoothly as possible. Do at least *try* to get plenty of rest! It's not the end of the world if all the unpacking doesn't get done immediately.

Hugs from Liverpool!

Mary said...

Thanks Maggie :)

On the plus side, I'll be moving into a house that's already livable-in, including kettle, cups, tea...

Chelsea A. Morrish said...

I have two questions:
1) I know you live right down the street from your parents - there are there when Steve is not and vice versa when you are at Steve's (soon to be your place. Are you and your parents going to adjust ok to your move?
2) I know that you are moving quite a distance away - is it Pip accessable? And won't having your chair give you access to downtown so that when Pip and Littlun come, you'll have something to do?

Sorry for being so nosy, I come and check your blog every couple of days or so - bit of a lurker, and an American one at that. Sorry if I come off as a bit creepy, not my intention at all. I have bipolar disorder, pretty under control, but I can relate to the extreme lack of energy. I loved the spoons theory, btw. Some of my lack of energy is my illness, my medication, and my lack of exercise (from being so tired all the time!).

Chelsea A. Morrish said...

One more thing -

Good luck with your move!

Mary said...

Hi Alexis

1) Since I have been going to stay with Steve on a pretty regular basis and nothing awful has happened during those visits, my parents know that it's not like I'll be struggling in a brand new situation and all alone. I was kind of sad about saying goodbye to them yesterday, but that's perfectly understandable. I'm sure I'll come back to visit them soon enough.

2) a visit to my parents will likely involve seeing Pip as well. I may even end up staying at his rather than with my parents. He's less likely to come and visit me, though. Money is tight for a single parent, so he's only really kept running his car because it's been such a necessity for me (as such, I've helped him out with the costs). Once I've gone, he'll probably put it away and declare it off-road and only fish it out again if he gets a job that requires him to have his own vehicle as well as a clean drivers' license.

To be honest, it's probably better to see Pip and Littlun here than at Steve's, because around here, I know where there are Littlun-friendly things to do.

And you didn't sound creepy :)