Thursday, March 20, 2008

Things are picking up again

A couple of nights ago I realised that I have now been knitting for a whole year.

While this is something I'm actually quite happy about, it did put the cherry on the top when I did some measurements on the jumper I am working on last night and realised: I Have Made A Mistake.

To make matters worse, the Mistake was some five or six inches back. I can pinpoint the mistake - I made it on the 8th of March, because it was the day before Simon and Tony ran a half-marathon dressed as a camel. So that's almost two weeks' knitting. The Mistake I made was that I mis-measured the length from the cast-on to the armhole decrease. It's meant to be 14 inches. The back piece, already completed, has a perfect 14 inches. The front piece, for some reason, has a perfect 13 inches. I suspect that I looked at the tape measure with my brainfog on and misread the number or got the alignment wrong. It's not a huge difference but it's enough to show.

With a heavy heart and a lot of swearing, I started to frog. This was made complicated because with the Colinette Cadenza yarn I'm using, you're supposed to use two balls at once to avoid pooling. You do a knit and a purl row of Ball A, then a knit and a purl row of Ball B, then a knit and a purl row of Ball A again. Result: huge tangle of wiggly wool.

Steve was bright enough to realise that this was NOT the moment to go "hang on, I'll get my camera" but to offer support and assistance.

Once I'd ripped back far enough, I started to painstakingly pick up 120 stitches from the remaining knitting. I'd picked up about 115 of them before realising that because of the yarn-changeovers, the 5 at the end had unravelled themselves two rows back.

Further cursing as attempted to remember how to put in a safety line. I got some bright orange acrylic and started to stitch it in, four or five rows back. I got Steve to count my stitches while I did some stretching. Then it was back on the floor for more frogging, and a big sigh of relief when the line held.

While I began to thread the stitches on the orange line onto my circular needle, Steve wound his first centre-pull ball of yarn. It was great, except that as soon as I started to knit, we discovered respective cockups: I had threaded all 120 stitches onto my needle in the right order, but twisted the wrong way round, and Steve had wound the ball of yarn so tightly it wouldn't actually pull from the centre.

Still, by this point, we had a great sense of having got past the worst of it. I started to knit again, carefully turning each stitch around before knitting it, and Steve unwound his yarn and began to wind again, a little looser this time. He was so satisfied, that he checked his colour balancing before getting camera-happy at it, with the result that this picture is not only a nice picture of his second attempt, it's also pretty much exactly true colour.

I feel a bit funny about having wasted an evening - I should have been working on my form, he should have been studying - but there was something very nice about working together to get it sorted out. Plus, I now have a boyfriend who can wind centre-pulls, and that is a serious asset.

As far as the form goes, well, I just need to write about my night-time care needs, the precis of which is "I'm pretty much sorted if I'm safe and sound in bed, however, if I need to get out of bed, I need the same help as I would in the day, with additional consideration for me being even more badly co-ordinated because I'm sleepy because, you know, it's the middle of the damn night." I'm continuing with my approach of typing all the information into a document and then, on the form, just writing in which page of the document they should refer to. There are currently about 37 pages, covering about 30 major questions.

Oh, it's also worth saying, I saw the new GP, Dr H, about a week ago. I told her I was applying for DLA and about what happened last time. She told me there were in fact notes in my records about what happened last time, so I guess Dr W must have typed up a bit extra the last time I saw her before sending my notes here. Dr H confirmed a few bits and bobs from the screen ("yes, we've got stuff here about how you have trouble walking, can't walk without pain, about faints and dizzy spells, all that sort of thing") and then, the confirmation I really needed to hear:

"Yes, for the bit that asks about your GP, just put my name and the address of this surgery, they'll send us a form, and we will back you up. We will support your claim.".



Pandora Caitiff said...

Cool. Cookies and high-fives for Dr H.

And although I do not knit, I have managed to go through six and a half hanks of wool this year on side projects!

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Oh no!!!! Still on the plus side it is gorgeous yarn and just as much fun to knit again

Pandora Caitiff said...

Errr. Obviously I meant "yarn" not "wool". (It's Stylecraft's Chunky acrylic)