Monday, February 02, 2009

On being a bear with a sore head

"And the angel clothéd all in white opened the Iron Book, and a fifth rider appeared in a chariot of burning ice, and there was a snapping of laws and a breaking of bonds and the multitude cried "Oh God, we're in trouble now!"
Book Of Om, Prophecies of Tobrun: Chapter 2, verse 7.
From the first edition (since rescinded).*

Oh yes, I am not the bunny who is happy today. I've grouched in the morning and I've grouched in the evening and I daresay I'll grouch at suppertime too for good measure. I am grouchy to the left and grouchy to the right and grouchy everywhere in between. Fear my grouchiness.

The reason for the Grouch is the Pain and the reason for the Pain is the Cold and the Snow. I don't do well with cold and snow. Every muscle is tightened, every joint is throbbing with white-hot pain. Dealing with the pain makes me exhausted and being exhausted makes it more difficult to deal with the pain. Always and in everything this sodding pain as a consistent acid-laced thread and I have had ENOUGH.

During the course of today I have had far too many immediate and disproportionate mental responses to the tiniest of transgressions. Generally it has involved a fervent wish for something extremely uncomfortable to be shoved in a distinctly unpleasant orifice belonging to whichever unfortunate mortal has been foolish enough to cross my path.

I think any minute now I may cross that line between 'being a bit prickly' and 'being a bit of a prick'. So I'm typing up this blogpost to try and avoid doing that in public or to someone who doesn't deserve it.

Thank you for your patience.

* as detailed in Thief of Time by Terry Pratchett.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Hope it warms up soon and that the pain stops. And also that at some point you are granted the opportunity to curl up in a warm dark place and not have to deal with the outside world.

Mary said...

Wednesday: day off work.

Many naps. World better place.

Then fell halfway down the stairs at about 7pm.

Bruises on my bruises :(


Anonymous said...

Oh no!! Um, more naps? Maybe some chocolate?

Today's captcha is messess. Seems appropriate!!

Anonymous said...

I heard the government sent the snow to kill off some disabled people and pensioners.

DD said...

I hate the cold too. It makes things hurt, it stops bits working and it gets slippy and makes me fall over a lot, so I have to stay in and get cabin fever. Grrrrrrrr!!!

I feel much better now :)

Here's a nice warm hug {{{{}}}}

Mary said...

I haven't fallen over outdoors at all, which sounds fantastic until one considers the proportion of my time I have spent outside in the last few days... definitely less than 1%.

Gradually feeling better about the world though, so thanks for your kind wishes. :)