Sunday, August 23, 2009

Not the WI

Not a great success.
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Today I decided to make chocolate cornflake cakes, having in my kitchen both a box of cornflakes and a packet of chocolate bars that were getting dusty because no one fancied eating them.

Turns out, it IS possible to balls-up chocolate cornflake cakes. Who knew?

Things to remember for next time:

  • Don't use snack bars of Galaxy and expect them to behave the same way as cooking chocolate.

  • Don't look at the semi-molten, unappetisingly pale brown mess and decide that it's a good idea to add cocoa.

  • Don't look at the consistency of your now dark-brown mess and decide that the best way to make it runnier will be to add a bit of water.

With a nod and a grin to Carie, multi-prize winner at her village show and a marvellous friend despite being my polar opposite in so many ways.


Mandy said...

Well they look better than my first ever effort.

Hints and tips - (from a mum that had to make quite alot of these things for various parties) Just stir and stir until they are all the flakes are coated.

I bet they still tasted scrummy. (I don't have any chocolate in the house) so just at this moment I am quite envious.

Mary said...

I have done them as a child, so I knew enough to, for instance, heat the chocolate in a glass bowl sitting on top of a saucepan of simmering water. But I think the Galaxy was the first mistake and the cocoa powder made it worse.

I didn't really want to put the result in my mouth and nor did anyone else, so they all just went in the bin.

Sarah said...

Normal chocolate just doesn't melt right. However, I once had to let my other half destroy a perfectly good bar of dairy milk before he'd believe it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the giggle - winced at the cocoa, but roared at the water.

Someone should have mentioned to the heroine of our story that water is a big no-no when dealing with melted chocolate - it has a tendency to make it "curdle" into horrid grainy balls - with the consistence of sand - not yummy.

For future refernce, the only effective way to liquify melted chocolate is to add oil (sunflower is the best) but even then, the trick is to add very small quantities whilst stirring vigorously and the top tip is to have the oil pre-warmed to the same temp as the melted chocolate.

But I have a sneaky suspicion that another attempt is not very likely in the forseeable future :-)

Sorry they landed in the bin, but they did serve the purpose of cheering up my dismal day.

Take care

Mary said...

I have to do another attempt - there's still most of a box of cornflakes and loads of muffin cases left.

It'll be fine...

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Galaxy does tend to melt a bit funny so you may well have been doomed from the start! :) I've made a set once that never set for some reason - perhaps chocolate cornflake cakes are harder than they look!