Monday, October 19, 2009


Following on from my previous post, I was not successful in contacting the Citizen's Advice Bureau this evening as per the advice on the front page of the DLA form.

We're not talking about getting the form filled out for me, or anything. We're talking about getting through to a receptionist of some sort to try and make an appointment to get some "proper" advice at a later date. Or possibly to ask if there's a different local organisation I could approach for help.

I got home from work and started playing the redial game right up until 7pm when the line closes. All I got was a 'busy' tone.

They're closed all tomorrow, so I'll try again on Wednesday - might get my PA to take me to their office in town, although I can't play their "sit in reception until someone's available" game as I have one of those previously mentioned Social Services meetings to attend halfway through the day.

Like I said before, it's not the fault of the volunteer-staffed, underfunded CAB. But I think it's bloody cheeky of the DWP to advise me that for help with their bureaucracy, I need to access a service that is so flooded with demand that I can't even get through to speak to a receptionist on the phone.

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