Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A little treat

So, there's this service I sometimes use called e-resistible. They enable online ordering for takeaways who would not otherwise offer an online ordering service. The menus are all collected on their website. You just type in your postcode and you get a list of outlets that will deliver to you, plus their opening times and current estimated delivery time. My postcode currently offers two Chinese, three Indian, one Thai, one Pizza, and one general burger/kebab/etc vendor.

You choose a takeaway, their menu is presented to you, you assemble your order and submit it along with your address and preferred delivery time. You can choose to pay by cash or by credit card (useful when you can't always get to an ATM). I also like using it when trying to order a takeaway for several people. Having a neat and tidy list on the left of the screen of what is on the order, with itemised prices and a running total as things get added and taken away, makes life SO much easier than the back-of-an-envelope version which is more akin to herding cats.

I mentioned e-resistible on another website I frequent, during a discussion about what to do if the people who help you with things like cooking are incapacitated by 'flu or similar. They noticed the clickthroughs and they gave me a little Christmas present - a multi-use discount code, to share with my friends, that will take 10% off the total cost of an order.

The code is: MARY123 and you type it into the 'discount code' box on the payment screen.

Unfortunately it will only work with orders paid for by card, but it's valid for use as many times as we like until 31st January 2010. I tried it out and it works. Happy eating!


erasmus (aka jiva) said...

Love it, Love the idea. Thing is there's NOWT for Norfolk. It only works if takeaways sign up accross the whole country. I may have to collect takeaway menus and post them over. :)

Mary said...

Well, if you will live so far from civilisation...

I admit I am at an advantage as they started off while they were students at Warwick, although they've expanded quite considerably since. But if you drop them an email, they'll let you know as soon as there is something in your area.

Tim Collins said...

Thats a nice site. I'll probably forget about it by the time we decide to get a takeaway though.

Anonymous said...

You must be an affiliate !!

Mary said...

Nope, just a customer. But a satisfied one, especially when they give me a discount to share with friends.