Saturday, November 13, 2010

Back to work

No, not me, but Steve. We had a lovely summer together, but we also have a wedding to pay for, so after his much-needed break poor Evilstevie has trudged back to the coalface of the IT industry to earn us some beans.

It's a bit of a shock to the system, but it's also kind of nice to be settling back into the work-day routines again. I have resumed my wifely task of making him a nice packed lunch every day. "Making" is stretching the point a little as it consists of making some kind of sandwich, putting it in a box, and then adding little pre-packed snacks of varying unhealthiness (from fruit cereal bars to bacon frazzles) until the box is full. But it's something I enjoy doing, and it's something he enjoys eating, and it also gets me points with my future-mother-in-law because while Jamie Oliver would probably scream with disgust, at least it means Steve eats something during the day.

Once Steve and his snacks have gone to work, I've got the house to myself for the day, which is taking some getting used to. Obviously I've been working all along so it's not like we've been spending every waking moment together, but I'd got quite used to the way that every couple of hours one of us would decide to make a cuppa and say hello while we were at it. I'm certainly drinking less tea without him here.

The other thing I'm trying to do (although so far I've only managed it two days out of five) is to try and play on the Wii a bit each day, in the name of moving about properly and maybe even trying to get a bit of weight off pre-wedding. My favourite game for this is Just Dance, which differs from most dance games in that instead of demanding intricate footwork on a floor pad, which would see me flat on my face within about fifteen seconds, it's big movements with your arms and body - you can play it standing still, or sitting down, or on one leg or jumping about the place if that's your thing. There's also a nice warm-up session on it, which I can't manage all of, but I do my best and at least it means I've stretched a bit. Pre-disability I really enjoyed dancing, so this is good fun and the music makes it easier than doing physio in silence.

If anyone else can recommend any good Wii games that move more than just one arm, don't require good balance, and have varying levels of physical impact, please leave a comment. I wouldn't have even known about Just Dance until I happened to hear another crip mention it. I'm a little bit limited on space - 160cm between the TV and the sofa, which isn't enough for me to lie down full length - but beyond that I'm open to suggestions.

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