Monday, January 31, 2011

Stunt Bride and Groom, complete

Further to my previous post, I am pleased to present the completed Stunt Bride And Groom!

Stunt Bride And Groom

I'm quite pleased with how they came out, really. I think we hit the right level of detail. For instance the Stunt Bride definitely looks like a bride, but her dress gives away only the already-known facts about my dress, namely that it is white and that it is a wedding dress without a train. I am also happy to reveal that my full-size dress is not made out of felt. We considered making the dolls hair and glasses but decided that it was better to keep it at a completely non-detailed "concept" level.

I was wrong about the jacket being the most complicated item. I'd overlooked the facts that:
  • The jacket is open at the front, whereas every other item of clothing would ordinarily be done up with zips or buttons. Except I don't have zips and buttons that small, so the clothes that needed to be done up had to be sewn onto the dolls. This involved a lot of mattress stitch and, for Stunt Bride in particular, an undignified experience with a teaspoon up her skirt.

  • The dolls have metal poles up their bottoms which rather interferes with the proper fit of trousers. I think it took me nearly as long to properly stitch what Steve refers to as the "arse-fly" as it did to do all of the leg seams. However at least Stunt Groom won't get debagged at his wedding reception.

The dolls both balance nicely, Stunt Bride can certainly stand up for much longer than the real bride ever can, and the arms and legs and heads are still poseable, so hopefully they will keep the photography posse amused and we'll get some good pictures.

Meanwhile the happy couple are posing together in our living room, and it's making me feel really happy to look at them.

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Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

I think they're fabulous and I'm very much looking forward to seeing them in person

ccr in MA said...

They are awesome! Such a cool idea, and you did a great job. I'm impressed!

Mary said...