Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Census 2011

About a week ago, the 2011 UK Census dropped through our door along with more or less every other door in the country.

The instructions on the front require people to fill in the questionnaire on or as soon as possible after 27th March 2011.

This is probably why the letters page of the Times on the 9th March carried indignant missives from people complaining that they'd filled in the form already and attempted to post it back but couldn't fit it in the postbox (I'd link but it was a paper copy of the Times that I'd picked up in a McDonalds in Norwich). I think that if we applied DWP form-filling rules and charged every household who couldn't follow that instruction £50, we'd have a chunk off the deficit in no time or at least be able to fund an adult education programme in English Reading and Comprehension.

The other bit which makes me smile is the indignation about a thirty-two page form!!!!! which is considered by many members of 'alarm clock Britain' to be an astonishing amount of difficult and time consuming paperwork, while us filthy disableds are going "only 32 pages, sweet!"

Better yet, once you're past the opening questions about "how many people live here" and "list their names", there's only four pages per person and most of that is tick boxes. I can't imagine it taking anyone more than five minutes unless they live in a house full of people who are unable to fill out the form on their own behalf, in which case we'll call it half an hour but that includes finding a biro that works.

Finally, I'd like to encourage all my readers to take the advice of the excellent @Scaryduck on the thorny issue of Question 17.

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Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

The times last Friday had some great alternative question 17s!