Friday, June 08, 2012


I often feel quite frustrated about the poor synchronicity between my physical capacity to do things, my opportunities to leave the house, and the weather. For instance, when it's sunny and I feel good and I want to go out and get stuff done, but I'm stuck indoors. Or when my work desk is clear, the weather is okay, and Steve/my PA/someone else is loading my chair into the car for a gleefully-anticipated trip somewhere, but I feel awful and wish I could go back to bed.

So it's with a sort of wry satisfaction that I am sitting here, admittedly in quite a lot of pain while feeling really quite unpleasant with medication side effects, but listening to the rain thrash down outside, snuggled up in a fluffy jumper and the safe and certain knowledge that the nearest I need to get to going Out There today was this morning when I brought the milk in.

There's not even much I need to do In Here.

I'm dopey and tired and I can't sleep for pain, but at least for once my brain's not filling itself up with all the things I should or would rather be doing.

'Cept maybe make another cup of tea.

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GirlWithTheCane said...

Listening to the rain in a fluffy jumper with nothing to do actually sounds kind of pleasant...

Except for the pain part. :(

I hope it passed enough that you were able to get some sleep.