Monday, August 04, 2014

Ice cubes

We have the most *amazing* ice cube tray - cute and accessible.

Here's the manufacturer's website for the black + blum brrrrr ice cube tray, but I thought I'd take a picture that was a bit less stylish and a bit easier to link to, as well:

Ice bear!

So basically it's a wide-necked bottle that has ten blobs along one side. It's up to the beholder whether this makes it a ten-legged polar bear. The bear's black nose, aka the lid, just pops off, nice and easy, no gripping or twiddling required. There is a hole in the part of the bottle that makes the bear's "back". You hold the bottle upright (the shape makes it easy to hold) and pour in water (hurrah for the wide neck) until it starts to come out of this hole. That means you have the right amount of water. You pop the lid on again. Then you stand the bear, on its legs (or whatever), in the freezer, where the gravity does a much better job of distributing the water than I have ever managed with a dribbling tap or shaking jug.

Another thing which makes it much better than a traditional ice cube tray for me is that I don't have to try and balance it over to the freezer. As long as the bear's nose and back are facing more or less up, then water can't come out. It's very anti-spill.

Getting the ice cubes out is even better. No wet hands, freezing fingers, cracking the tray, fumbling to lever out one or two, failing and sending the whole trayful across the floor. You just hold the bear by the head and bang it against something until you hear the rattle of some pieces of ice coming loose. Then you pop off the nose again and pour them out. Yay icy bear vomit!


Cassandra said...

"icy bear vomit"
LMFAO! Such a way with words you have! ;) This is ingenious, though. I really like it.

Mary said...

Could be worse, it could come out the other end.

Maggie said...

Wow, that sounds really useful. I have the thing of it's hard to get ice cubes out of the tray. Mind you I barely use ice at the mo - tooths hurt when I do. But might be useful at Christmas for the rest of family when they need ice to chill the fizz! ;-)

Mary said...

Mostly I use it for orange squash (both the squash and the water in the filter jug are at room temperature) and the second half of a can of coke, because I can't drink fizzy drinks fast enough for them to still be cold from the fridge at that point.

Oh, who am I kidding. I use it for the glee of bashing the bear.