Sunday, November 15, 2015


Noises that Jamie seems to like:

- Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, etc
- The voice of the person on whose chest he is being held
- White noise (eg roomba, Ewan the Dream Sheep)

Noises that don't seem to bother Jamie:

- the doorbell or telephone ringing
- people talking in the same room
- fireworks

Noises guaranteed to wake Jamie up in URGENT and IMMEDIATE need of feeding and nappy changing and a cuddle and oh my goodness the whole world is about to explode:

- the pop of a tube of Pringles
- the scrunch of a packet of biscuits
- the click of mummy's dinner plate being placed on the table


Lisa said...

LOL. Get used to never being able to eat anything secretly ever again. I swear children and teenagers have a dog's hearing when it comes to a candy wrapper crinkling, or the sound of a spoon scooping ice cream! Congratulations on your little jewel--he is adorable.

xuanhathudong said...
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