Sunday, January 24, 2016


Slightly late due to assorted family catastrophes... but this week's photo is another sleepy one. Well, sort of.

Big Cot

As you can probably see, Jamie is in fact wide awake.

This week was the beginning of the tentative effort to move from the little bedside crib in our bedroom to the Big Cot in the nursery. Overnight, Jamie will still be sleeping in our room for at least one more growth spurt. But to make the shift as non-traumatic as possible, I planned to start him having late afternoon naps in the Big Cot - overseen by the familiar Ewan the Dream Sheep and Monkey.

So far, it's been limited success only. The nursery is getting established as a safe, comfortable, quiet place, and Jamie hasn't been upset at all. He's cuddled up on the beanbag with me for a feed, then laid down in the cot, and... well... stared at me and Monkey for twenty minutes or more. Quiet. Calm. Content. But very definitely not sleeping! Meanwhile, my mind boggles to see my big strong three-month-old, twice the size he was in October, looking so very tiny-little again.


Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Oh isn't he so dinky in the big cot! I'm glad he likes it though :)

Mary said...

I was braced for it to be so much more traumatic (and am aware that it may yet become so!) but he does seem happy in there. Didn't get to do it over the weekend though - among other factors we had a surprise houseguest recovering from surgery - hopefully we'll be able to pick up again today.

He's also still napping occasionally in the Moses basket downstairs and in the car seat and sling while we're out. Routines are brilliant when they're permitted!

Henry Andrews said...

Youur the best