Saturday, April 09, 2016


On time this week!

Here's the picture...

a smiling baby lying on his front, head up, wearing a green top and holding a cloth book

It's remarkable that he's smiling so much, because this is the week that we saw a little white dot emerging.

a strangely angled closeup of a baby's face. An adult thumb gently pulls down the lower lip and a small white dot is visible on the baby's lower gums

Forgive the funny angle, it's more difficult than you might think to take a picture of a very tiny white dot inside the mouth of a baby who's very interested in holding all and any tech that gets near him! We're pretty certain that it'll develop into a full-blown tooth. At the moment it's just a hard, sharp little corner. I hope it stops hurting him quite so much soon.


Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

He has a tooth!! Clever boy but oh are they painful, I hope it breaks through too for all your sakes!

robintw said...

Wow, he's really growing up now!

It's been great watching Jamie grow up through your blog, and it gives me more confidence that I can be a good parent 'despite' my disability :-)

I wondered if sometime you might be able to write something about some of the practical issues around looking after a baby when you're disabled? My wife and I are considering having children soon, but I'm a bit concerned about how I will actually manage a baby with my level of fatigue (I have the same diagnosis as you), and with a wheelchair (how do you even push a pram with a wheelchair?!). Obviously I'm aware you don't have much time to write blogs now - so please don't take this as any pressure to take time away from your beautiful little boy!