Sunday, July 24, 2016


It has been too hot here this week. The Safer Sleeping guidelines say we shouldn't let Jamie's room get above 24c/75f - well, since Monday and despite our best efforts, I don't think we've managed to get anywhere in the house that comfortably cool!

On top of this, teething continues. He has two bottom teeth that are definitely fully out and visible from across the room. Then there's about five pale lumps on his upper and lower gums, with one sharp corner *just* beginning to poke through on the upper gum. He's doing his best, but it's obvious he's quite sore and he's pulling some spectacular faces.

baby chewing a pot of ice and water

But, we've done everything we can to keep him cool, and this is part of the effort. Half a dozen sterile storage pots, filled with water and then frozen. We've allowed them to partially melt before giving them to him, and they seem to have helped a great deal with both the temperature and the teeth.

I hope both issues resolve themselves soon though, and if anyone has any tips we might not have thought of, do let me know!

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