Sunday, August 28, 2016


This week I took Jamie to the splash pool at one of the local parks. It was the first time - we needed the weather to be warm enough to have a splash, but not so warm that we would be toasted alive, and we needed to not have any other commitments, and we needed to not be ill... But it all came together and at last we've done it.

At the splash pool

I wasn't sure how Jamie would take to it but he seems to have had fun. I have the distinct feeling that it was helped along by the social cues of the other children clearly enjoying themselves.

We discovered a few pitfalls that I hadn't anticipated but probably should have, the biggest one being that:
- Jamie needs to be holding two hands to walk
- I can't walk without one hand to support myself
- The splash pool is just a bit too deep for me to be able to shuffle on my knees, unless I'm prepared to get properly wet to the waist, which I'm not, because it's a free facility and therefore lacks luxuries like changing rooms and it's not really the done thing for an adult to strip off in the middle of the kiddie play area.

I settled, instead, for a minor case of Soggy Bottom from sitting on the edge of the pool and restricted Jamie to walking within arm's reach. Next time we'll see about my PA having a skirt or shorts so that she can join us in the pool. But there will definitely be a next time.


Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Yay! Splash pools are awesome! If you can get over to St Nicks in Warwick you might find that one easier because it's more of a beach style edge to the pool so you could go as shallow as you need or the wee boy could sit at the edge and splash his feet :)

Mary said...

We took daddy to that one this weekend. He rolled up his trousers and I waited at the side with a nice big towel, it was better all round. I think Steve enjoyed it both as part of his daddying role and also to cool himself down halfway through a warm afternoon!