Friday, November 24, 2017

42/52 2017

Week 42
16 - 22 October

Bath time

Jamie doesn't have a bath every day and he still has mixed feelings about them. If you ask him if he'd like a bath he'll probably say no - but then, two year old children say no to a lot of things that aren't "would you like to continue doing exactly what you're doing right now, indefinitely," so that's not much help. He definitely enjoys playing in the bath. He doesn't like water in his face. He's a bit suspicious of bubbles, which are a fairly recent addition to the bathing experience. He asks to get out of the bath to use the potty, which I'm really impressed about. He likes his yellow duck but doesn't seem to consider it a bath toy.

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Rachael said...

That brings back memories of my own kids being just as difficult to get as out the bath as they were to get into it! It seemed so ridiculous to have such a drama about both!