Monday, December 04, 2017

48/52 2017

Week 48
27 November - 03 December

Steve had to get up silly-early for work this week, and while Jamie usually stays asleep, on this day he woke up, and it's hard to persuade a two year old that it's still night time and he should go back to sleep when he's had nearly a full night's sleep and can hear morning-type sounds.

As a result, the nap that usually happens in the afternoon, happened in the morning, and by 2pm Jamie was fully rested, fully fed, and ready for whatever the world had to offer on this muddled-up day.

Winter playground

What it offered was this: the really good park in Stratford, practically empty and glowing with a winter sunset. We stayed until dark (about 4pm, sniff) and even then he didn't want to leave.

Yes, he did end up having a second mini-nap.

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