Tuesday, February 27, 2018

06/52 2018

Week 6
05 - 11 February

Foundry Woods

I wasn't actually present when this picture was taken. Steve took Jamie for a Daddy Outing to Foundry Wood, which is one of those rare places where I really wish I could go (it's a lovely outdoors natural environment community project with an interesting activities program), physically cannot go (there's only one entrance and that is a steep dirt track way beyond the capabilities of either wheelchair), and yet I can make my peace with the inaccessibility (natural environment, etc) as long as someone ensures that Jamie isn't missing out.

Also, not to put too fine a point on it, while I'm trying to soak up and enjoy all of Jamie's childhood it is also good for me to have a couple of hours OFF every now and again.

Anyway, Jamie and Daddy both loved it. They came home and showed me dozens of pictures of an absolutely idyllic time discovering all manner of interesting things. Choosing just one was difficult but I do love Jamie's happy little face in this one.

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