Tuesday, September 25, 2018

29/52 2018

Week 29
16 - 22 July

A slightly bittersweet week. Jamie loves to "help" with vehicles of any kind and Steve includes him with the regular maintenance jobs like checking tyre pressure, topping up the washer bottle, and as pictured here, checking the oil levels. He stands patiently with the kitchen roll, and squints at the dipstick with intense concentration.

Motorbike maintenance

But in this picture, Steve and Jamie are checking the oil on Steve's beloved motorbike... and the following evening, after more than twenty years riding, Steve had his first crash.

Thankfully, Steve is a great believer in wearing All The Gear, All The Time, heatwave or otherwise. Helmet, jacket, body armour, Kevlar trousers, proper boots and gloves, meant he was able to walk onto the ambulance unaided with nothing worse than a broken collarbone and some spectacular bruises. The bike... it's obviously damaged, but until Steve is recovered enough to heave it up onto the centre stand (bearing in mind the handlebars were smashed) and inspect it properly, we don't know if it's reasonably repairable or not.

Jamie is doing better than we have any right to expect of him, when it comes to being gentle and careful and only having cuddles on one side of his daddy.


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