Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Still Here

My levels of energy, pain and ability to concentrate have been all over the place the last few days and I don't know if I'm coming or going half the time. However, I am happy to announce that the knitting continues to go well. Having finished the scarf for Dominocat, I started looking for another project. A look for basic knitting patterns or learner's patterns online revealed that I could (a) make another 6ft of garter-stitch scarf or (b) attempt to decipher a "pattern" which looked like someone had randomly squashed their hand onto their keyboard, and after decipheration, involved such voodoo concepts as "cabling" and "ribbing" which I have no concept of.

This led to a bit of "oh my god, I'll never be able to do this..." but that was over pretty quickly as with the help of the lovely Jiva, I determined my plan of action thusly:
(a) get a book about learning to knit, and follow its handy instructions bit by bit until on top of basic stitches.
(b) cast on another scarf with some wool I already had, to give me something to work on and that I would be able to pick up and know I could do it easily, even when frustrated at the learning-bits going difficult-ly.

(forgive my vocabulary today. It's all there somewhere.)

So, I'm working on it, I have nailed garter stitch aka knit stitch, and also purling, and also stocking stitch where you knit stitch a row and then purl stitch a row. Next in my handy book is increasing and decreasing the number of stitches on a row, which should be entertaining. And then that's it for the book.

God knows what happens next.


Maggie said...

If you can knit and purl you are doing well. Will take a look at my knitting books when have time (too much going on with sick parents) and see which I think might be helpful, am sure I have some that cover basics well. Gotta go now to tape The Apprentice for husband as he went to visit my Dad in hospital and isn't back yet.

Hugs from Liverpool

Anonymous said...

glad to see i'm of some use. :)

firstly this helps:
it gives you an idea about anything you will read on the net. A full list of what the abbreviations mean, all needle and yarn sizes too.
Then I would also check out:
which goes through several ways to increase and decrease, including some of the lace stitch techniques.
There are quite a few designs that only require knit and purl. say seed stitch or ribbing.
Finally: if you can cope with reading this page:
If you can get through most of that site you've beaten me. good luck and don't knit too much it can wear you out too.

Mary said...

Thanks :)

Don't worry, I am being careful to not overdo it - but on an average day I can do about four or five rows at a time before it's time to put the knitting to one side for a bit and curl up or at least sit back, arms down for a few minutes, and I can rinse and repeat that several times in the course of an hour so I definitely am able to look at what I've done and go "yes, that's a tangible result".

I shall have a look at that annies attic link at some point.

Oh, and I'm at Steve's at the moment, and yesterday afternoon we got in, curled me up on the sofa with blanket, and bless his heart, he brought my knitting downstairs for me without being asked.

Anonymous said...

Glad you've managed to get to Steve's (aww -bless!).

Just a quick note to say if you need any needles/wool your local freecycle may well be able to help you out :-).

Anonymous said...

Mary - you wrote a comment re my web site on 31st August ( Reviews are actually slowly coming from across the UK - any postings regarding ease or difficulty of access would be appreciated.
From my wheelchair

Mary said...

Cheers Vic, that hadn't occurred to me. I've never used Freecycle before, is it easy?

Hi Pat - glad to hear it's going well.

Anonymous said...

BBC item on Freecycle

Anonymous said...

Damn - looks like my longish comment about freecycle didn't come through?

Anyway - it's pretty easy to use - though yahoo can be a slight pain (they use yahoo message boards). If you're likely to want several things, I suggest going for the daily digest email option.

Only thing is that you need to have someone to pick stuff up, and if there's anything you want to put on there, you might want to have somewhere you can have people pick up from - rather than people come to your flat.

Mary said...

Hi Vic,

No, it didn't come through.
*swears at blogger/google a bit*