Saturday, March 17, 2007

Comic Relief

I never thought Tony Blair would make me smile, but...

Also, if you like blogs, you'll probably enjoy this book, with all profits going to Comic Relief.


Becca said...


Thanks SO MUCH for that.

I didn't watch Comic Relief last night for various good and not-so-good reasons, but that was really really very funny indeed.

Serious Kudos to Tony for that - I can't see John Major or Vampire Howard being up to the challenge, can you?

Mary said...

Hi Becca

I didn't watch it last night either, watching several hours of TV isn't featured on my "things I can do" list. But I heard about that particular sketch this morning and HAD to look it up.

It doesn't make him a better prime minister, or excuse the war, or get the Labour party my vote... but I guess as outgoing prime minister regardless of the election results, he's got nothing to lose and everything to gain by "supporting" Comic Relief, and it was a funny sketch.

I wonder if it's been played about with yet so he's saying "War in Iraq? NHS? Education? Do I look bovvered?"

Roxy said...

look for the one with David Tennant too, that one was also very very funny

Mary said...

Tee hee, yes... plus, David Tennant, mmmm.