Saturday, March 17, 2007

Comic Relief

I never thought Tony Blair would make me smile, but...

Also, if you like blogs, you'll probably enjoy this book, with all profits going to Comic Relief.


R said...


Thanks SO MUCH for that.

I didn't watch Comic Relief last night for various good and not-so-good reasons, but that was really really very funny indeed.

Serious Kudos to Tony for that - I can't see John Major or Vampire Howard being up to the challenge, can you?

Mary said...

Hi Becca

I didn't watch it last night either, watching several hours of TV isn't featured on my "things I can do" list. But I heard about that particular sketch this morning and HAD to look it up.

It doesn't make him a better prime minister, or excuse the war, or get the Labour party my vote... but I guess as outgoing prime minister regardless of the election results, he's got nothing to lose and everything to gain by "supporting" Comic Relief, and it was a funny sketch.

I wonder if it's been played about with yet so he's saying "War in Iraq? NHS? Education? Do I look bovvered?"

Anonymous said...

look for the one with David Tennant too, that one was also very very funny

Mary said...

Tee hee, yes... plus, David Tennant, mmmm.