Saturday, March 03, 2007


I've been giving serious consideration to purchasing a Roomba. On the one hand, it's incredibly expensive for a vacuum cleaner - my current vacuum cleaner cost all of about £30 whereas these seem to be over £150 as a minimum. On the other hand, my current vacuum cleaner doesn't actually get used and my carpets could really do with less dirt. I don't have the capacity for pushing a hoover around the place but I can push buttons and use remote controls like a champion! And lo, for there would be another notch less of feeling bad about my housekeeping.

I mentioned these thoughts on the phone to Steve. He was enthusiastic, but his reasons were more along these lines. I began from a viewpoint of "do what you want to it as long as it still cleans the room" but I found myself having to revise that policy when he started talking about fixing scythes to it to make it double as a home security system...

Do any readers have experience of roombas, or similar things?


Anonymous said...

No experience but it does strike me you might have to empty it a lot.

The real reason for commenting - do you reckon you could link it to your Sat Nav?! Then, perhaps, it could automatically round your flat ;-).

Mary said...

It doesn't have the capacity to hold as much dirt and dust as, say, a dyson... but I don't have the capacity to use a dyson so that's a moot point.

I couldn't link it to the satnav because I'm in the middle flat on the middle floor of a block so my satnav can't get a signal. BUT, it seems I could quite easily link it to my laptop or my mobile phone.