Friday, April 06, 2007

Lovely Day (and Twitter)

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As I'm at Steve's at the moment, and the weather is getting warmer, we've wiped down and charged up the scooter and today I took it out.

I had planned to simply trundle off to Asda, and get some milk and whatnot for the weekend. It's a nice enough little trundle and has the added bonus of being productive.

However, Steve convinced me that it would be a better idea for me to go into town, maybe go to the park, have an ice cream, that kind of thing. I didn't take much convincing - it's just been far too gorgeous a day to waste.

So off I trundled into town. After a bit, Steve got on the motorbike and came to meet me for lunch at the Victoria Coffee House, and then we went for a walk in the park, Jephson Gardens. It's easy to control the scooter with one hand, so we were able to hold hands like any other couple - because it's nice, rather than for support. I think a few people wondered why he was holding a motorbike helmet though.

Regrettably I had to turn down Steve's offer of taking me out for dinner tonight, but nevertheless, he went and got some takeaway and we've had a wonderfully relaxing evening in. Ahhh.

In other news, I've started playing with Twitter. I'm not entirely sure how to find people on it, I think you need to exchange email addresses first so that one of you can send the other an invite? but really I am a long way from certain about that. If you use Twitter and you want to be added to my friends, post a comment containing your email address. I'll then invite you, but won't publish your comment, so your email address won't be shown to the world from here.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I get it (Twitter that is).

Is it just a really trivial blog that encourages really mundane posts like "Just popping out for milk", rather than thought-out essays?

The Goldfish said...

Glad you had such a nice time. :-)

Mary said...

Pete: it's sort of a cross between a chatty-type messageboard, msn messenger, and a blog. You choose whose updates you want to follow, and there are options to exercise control over who follows you. Posts have a 140 character limit.

You can post messages from a phone, and get updates to your phone. You can also prioritise updates - so if for example you follow the BBC news headline updates, you can set them so they pop up on your list online, but don't make your phone go off.

Some of it is stuff like "waiting for pizza" or "popping out for milk" but not usually.

Often it's things that you might want to chatter with friends about - "I just had some Jehovah's Witnesses at the door" or "I just completed a level on X computer game" - but which don't warrant a full blog post, and aren't appropriate for a messageboard, and where you don't want to start fifteen MSN conversations just to tell people. Post it on Twitter, and anyone who feels like chatting about it can respond.

It's also good socially, if you have a lot of local friends who use it. You might look on Twitter and see that Bob has "gone to the King's Head to play pool for a couple of hours" and think hey, that's a good idea, I'll go join him - rather than phoning round everyone and saying "what you doing? What you doing? What you doing?" one at a time.

Mostly though, and I admit it, it's just another fun, cleverly made, but trivial internet timewaste.