Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What to write?

First, a knitting update. I haven't stopped, I've just not been doing anything I felt was worth blogging about. I'm working on a needle case (yeah, a knitted knitting needle case, slightly recursive) and although the pockets are all different and use all sorts of different stitches and techniques I haven't played with yet, all I've been doing for the last couple of weeks is the BIG outer panel, which is going to be something like 27inches square. I've done 25inches of it, I'm on my fourth hank of wool. But I have this horrifying feeling that I've misconstrued an instruction right way back by the start, like, four or five rows in, and that "work four more rows even" may have meant knit row, purl row, knit row, purl row, rather than knit row, knit row, knit row, knit row. I don't know. I remember asking the peoples at the knitting group what it meant but I can't remember exactly what whoever helped me said and I know that, especially when I'm tired, I have a tremendous capacity to get things wrong.

Not that it overly matters. All it means is that one of the foldovers will be a bit... ridged. The main part is perfect - all knits, purls, slips, increases and decreases present and correct. Plus, it's a bloody big piece of fabric that I can totally hold up in my hands and say "I made this".

Anyway, tomorrow I'll go see mum and she'll have a look at it for me.

Steve should be coming to see me at the weekend, although we don't yet know which day, or when, or how long for. It is probably very bad that, although most of my excitement is "yay! I'm going to see Steve and have ALL the hugs!" there is a bit of me that is really quite looking forwards to getting my hands on the yarn he picked up for me from Web of Wool.

Knitting-voodoo-based gibbering ends.

So, I have a lot of half-written non-knitting posts as notepad files on my lappie desktop, but I don't know what ones to finish and post. Mostly they're ones that I started while in the maximum grip of my painkillers - there's something about codiene that, for some unknown reason, makes me chatter. Total verbal diahorrea. Anyway, here's some bits, and if any of you think I should expand on any of them, tell me.

1. Internet Addiction. I started writing this one at New Year. There was an article I had read about internet addiction and in this post, I look at their "signs of addiction", think about how they apply to me, and also consider where the line should be drawn between a hobby and an addiction, and how that line varies depending on what exactly the activity is.

2. The Baby Thing. About how the change in my health and personal circumstances has led to a different perspective on my lifelong desire to have a family, and things I'm having to consider which wouldn't have occurred to me before - some of the potential problems, and some of the potential solutions. Disabled or otherwise, I still intend to raise a child.

3. When Naps Go Bad. For anyone who thinks they envy me for being able to lie around all day snoozing. A warts-and-all picture of what quite often happens to me when all I have done is sleep for an hour or so.

4. Where Did My Day Go? About trying to trim down your activity levels to the bare essentials, how to define "essential", and how it compares to a more typical lifestyle of someone who is not yet disabled.


Anonymous said...

Well I'd be interested to read all of 1, 2, 3 and 4. Should I put them in some kind of order? 4213 then. Please. Thank you. (4 first because people just don't understand what a big deal going to the toilet and showering can be when they ask me what my parents *do* now they're retired!)

Sally said...

Knitting - the world, for me, is divided into two - on the one side you have those who can knit and play chess - no, not at the same time, and on the other side those of us who never ever made a knitted square look square, or even knitted, but we are very good at (oh, f... what's it called, now I have to get up and find the thing)... Backgammon.

Yes, please continue those drafts, particularly to elucidate No 1 which is something I have been thinking about, of and on, when I am not on the internet. When you get around to doing something about No 2, as opposed to blogging about it, take a tip from me, two are easier than one. One will always blame you for not being one of two. Yes, it will be doubly difficult. But the rewards will be a hundredfold.

Mary said...

Consulting with mum reveals that yes, I did follow the beginning of the pattern correctly. My worries came about because I saw that following the end of the pattern to the letter would lead to the top of the piece of fabric looking different to the bottom. After much discussion, and checking how the making-up goes, we saw it wouldn't make much difference as long as the right number of rows was there, and that it might be a typo or might be just an asymmetrical pattern. Eventually we decided "the hell with it" and adjusted the pattern so now the ends match. After all, it's MY damn needle case so it may as well look however I want it to!

Mary said...

jo: It's a fine line for 4, because I don't really want to rehash my DLA forms online. Particularly anything to do with toilet needs - ever since I did that post about the crapness of many accessible toilets I've had some people coming here from REALLY dodgy search terms. I like to think this blog didn't have what they were looking for. :S

So the reason that post is taking a while is because it's a very tricky balance between exploring the concept, and going into unnecessary personal details.

Sally: I'm rubbish at most board games including chess and backgammon. I know HOW to play, I even enjoy playing, but it's generally safe in the knowledge that I will lose quite hideously within an hour.

My sister was a little cow (I do love her really, and mean that in the nicest way possible) for that when we were kids. We had computerised Monopoly, and I was losing, and if there's only two players then once you're losing, it gets worse fast. I had everything mortgaged and no money, congratulated my sister on having won... the manipulative little so-and-so went and gave me rent immunities and a loan and all sorts so that I'd have to keep playing with her. Siblings? Bah! Bah I tell you!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I see what you mean. I really enjoyed that post though, and I thought of you once as I used a disabled toilet (it was the only one with a seat and I needed to sit down! I did feel remorse) which was down a significant flight of stairs. There may have been a lift; I didn't see one.

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