Wednesday, May 30, 2007


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Yesterday was a nice day. Steve and I went to the Victoria Coffee House on Warwick Street for tea/coffee and scones, which was as lovely as it always is. Proper loose-leaf tea in a pot, proper coffee in a cafetiere, proper fresh warm irregularly-shaped scones with butter and clotted cream and jam... mmm. Also, wireless internets. We arrived just as the lunchtime busy-ness was easing off, which was nice.

A nice, slow afternoon involved playing some Kingdom Of Loathing, in which we're all eagerly anticipating the event of NS13. I would say we're preparing for it, except it's difficult to know how to prepare - a lot of goalposts are being shifted. I play with two characters, one who ascends regularly and tries out different character classes, and one who just gets really really powerful in one class - she's been going for a year but has only just ascended for the first time. I really enjoy exploring the game, and for NS13 I'm putting aside my current gameplay style and trying to get both my characters up to a respectable level so that (hopefully) I will be able to explore all the new content with relative ease.

I apologise that the above paragraph meant nothing to non-KOL-ers.

Anyway, yesterday evening was knitting group in Leamington. It was a nice evening and at first I hoped Steve and I could go on the bike, but then it occurred to me that although I'd be okay on the way there, getting back after sitting and knitting for a couple of hours would be beyond my capabilities. It was a shame because I think Steve has been kind of itching to get on the bike for several days now. Still, he's gone out on it today for a big-long-ride which will probably make him a happy bunny.

I have a really nice time at the knitting group. Everyone's so friendly and welcoming. Carie helped me pick out some colours for the pockets on my knitting needle case, which was really good of her because I think left to my own devices I would have given up and just ordered the exact colours suggested on the example photo on the pattern, even though I don't much like them (too much pink, not to mention a hurts-the-eyes green). Carie is really good at colours and likes choosing yarn study insulation. I've never been overwhelmed by my creative abilities, half the reason I chose knitting was because the instructions are right there, written down by someone else. But to be able to mull it over with the help of a friend was really enjoyable.

Click the picture to see the photo of the yarns we chose on my flickr stream, with notes.

Today I'm pretty shattered, after not just yesterday evening but also a rather energetic night during which I beat Steve up three times. I was dreaming about being chased and, unusually for me, being caught and having to fight off the vampire/grizzly bear/marshmallow blob/killer ants/etc. I've told him to just shove me back. He says he did. Oh well. I'll probably get used to the idea that I don't have the whole bed to myself just as soon as he takes me back home and I have a whole bed to myself again.

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Maggie said...

Tongue firmly in cheek, and yet a warning too! ;-)

Yarn stashing is a serious, potentially severe and chronic drain on the wallet (or credit card). World Woolaholics classification BAA999. If you don't want to plough through the technical gubbins, my very basic understanding of the condition is that I learned to knit, and then got hooked (oh no,not the crochet syndrome too!).

You have just started a stash. You are in serious trouble! Believe me! :-)

Best of luck with it all, and above all, enjoy!

All the best from Liverpool

Mary said...

*laughs head off*

nicely done, Maggie :)

Anonymous said...

I fear (or even ph34r) NS13. I'm regretting picking Oxycore TT for this ascension (except for my demonskin jacket), and I worry about losing access to old stuff when it rolls out.

Have you considered some KOL themed knits when you feel confident enough?

Mary said...

Heh - Steve's got one of his characters doing an Oxy Hardcore run, he's been working on the Gourdcore trophy (for totally defending the Gourd while in HC). He should get that... but he was also hoping for the Golden Meat Stack, which is 1,000,000 meat while in HC, and probably not attainable within 20 days.

I can't for the life of me think of a KoL-based knitting project. KoL is definitely more "printed t-shirt" territory.

Anonymous said...

Well, for example you could do a leprechaun (probably a bit advanced). Or any of the "stuffed toy..." familiars.

I'd forgotten the Gourdcore, I might give that a try.

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Tee hee!! You've a long way to go before you get to serious insulating properties - right now you'll just about keep your knees warm :)

Mary said...

I think for toys I prefer sewing the toy kits. Still not done a "bat" one of those, now I think of it.

The knitting I'm doing at the moment - a 25in square - is actually doing a sterling job of keeping my little legses warm as I knit :)

Anonymous said...

The bat looks like this.

It was fun to make, but I made one of his ears wonky. I thin it gives him character.