Thursday, January 31, 2008


Phone call from Mum today, who read my last blog entry and got all concerned about me. Aww. Mum, you are ace. But now I have the guilts for not phoning/emailing you at least once a week like I meant to.

I also have guilt about not having updated my blog in over a week. I'm not sure how many people read it, but more people than I ever expected spare the time to leave comments, and not just people I know offline either, and I do appreciate it. So sorry if I worried anyone.

The thing is, on the one hand, I Am Okay. There have been no fires or explosions, no trips to hospital, no baliffs at the door or any other Nasty Things happening.

But on the other hand, there's been no finished knitted items, no lovely jaunts out and about, no wonderful bits of news or other Nice Things happening, either.

I'm just balancing, one day at a time, with circumstances that are still slightly stressful and less-than-fantastic.

For example, I still haven't had my appeal form from the Tax Credits bunch (I phoned: apparently it was sent second class and I should call again if it hasn't arrived at the weekend). I'm still having a rough ride physically, with more fainting, more headaches, more muscle pain, and more problems with things like memory and speech when compared to December. The GET is postponed for at least a month or so, I reckon. Everything is just null.

That's depressing. There must be something.

Aha! Yes! Of course! On Sunday Steve went to support his cousin Simon who was taking part in the 2008 Toughguy event. I didn't go - getting up early to go and spend most of my Sunday standing around in a muddy field in January isn't my idea of fun even when I'm feeling good - but it was fun hearing about it when Steve got home.

Simon, being a nutter, decided that doing what amounts to a cross-country run combined with an army assault course simply wasn't interesting enough any more.

He therefore opted to do the course wearing a pair of trainers, a pair of gloves, a pair of speedos, and a pink inflatable rubber ring.

Go on then, have some pictures.


Chelsea A. Morrish said...

I have two questions on Simon...

1. What is on his back? (Looks like some kind of smiley face or something), and

2. Just where was he supposed to put his number? lol

Anonymous said...

1. He was meant to have his race-number written in marker-pen on his forehead, but the girls doing the marker-penning got carried away and doodled on him...
2. His number (the paper version) was attached to the only available material, providing some much-needed modesty while he ran. From the wrong angle he appeared to be wearing just a rubber ring with his number hanging below it. See: here for an example :)

Mandy said...

Those photo's are excellent. Need, not want, Need a few laminated versions..

I'm sitting here laughing like a hyena,,, well, a hyena with a dirty laugh. Glad there's no one else in the house!

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Oh my! You have seriously brightened up my lousy week with those photos! TY
Sorry to hear you've not been having such a good time of it lately, although I think you deserve alot more credit than you've perhaps realised for all you are managing to do atm, work,home,relationship,tax credit hassle etc. It's all such a lot and you're still here. Well done you. I'm impressed and proud for you.
BG x