Thursday, May 22, 2008

Finished Object: Birthday socks

Birthday socks
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Hooray, hooray, what a wonderful day, for I have finished my Birthday Socks!

Actually I finished them a few days ago, but what with the miserable weather and everything going on, I didn't get round to photographing them. And what with the miserable Unbloggables going on, I didn't get round to blogging about socks, because really, I have too many things in my life to care about this month which is kind of making knitting accomplishments fade into the back files of my brain. And you can see how bright these socks are - that's some serious fading.

If there's something I'm supposed to be doing for you (writing or making or calling or fixing or whatever) and I haven't done it or I'm late with it, I'm honestly sorry. Odds are I haven't forgotten (Clare and Anne in particular, you are on the Whiteboard of Memory and I will get to it) but a reminder never hurts.

I have also finished and photographed the Top Seekrit Project. I will publish the pictures and the pattern (such as it is) in about a month, when the recipient has recipificated it. Suffice to say I am happy with it, and having a bit of an Umm-Ah about whether I should make another one for myself.


BenefitScroungingScum said...

OMG they are way cool! I hope the unbloggable situation starts to improve soon, hugs BG

Mary said...

Thanks Bendygirl. Things *should* significantly resolve in the next few weeks. It feels very silly to be so hole-and-corner about it, as it's nothing shocking, illegal or shameful... it's just some stuff that affects me directly but that isn't My Business to publish on the internet.

Mandy said...

Lovely Socks Mary, they look very cosy.

DD said...

Fab socks! I am so looking forward to The Unveiling of The Seekrit.

Mary said...

They are wonderful socks, and not only do they look cheerful, but they feel fantastic to wear.

Plus of course the "I did that" factor which should never be underestimated.