Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I know, I know

I already did my BADD roundup. But that was before I had read this. Go. Read. Now. Wet yourself giggling. Come back later.

Myself, I am spinning a few too many plates in my head at the moment, lots of Stuff and Thing that is other people's business and thus not so bloggable. I'm sure you know how it is. I will apply myself to making a proper blogpost soon but right now it's not a priority. If anyone wants to suggest topics, that'd be nice.


Mandy said...

So your Spinning, Wow! and you never told us that at knitting club tonight. (crass joke,,, apologies)

You could talk about your lovely socks (this woman hides her light under a bushel) that you've nearly completed. There is not everyone that can knit socks as beautifully and evenly stitched as you.

Mary said...

Hee hee, kind of you to say so, but let's be honest, that's because I knit s o s l o w l y . . .

I wish I could talk about my nearly-completed Top-Seekrit Project (did I show you? Can't remember. Brains would not fill a spoon today) but it is Sister Dearest's birthday present and I don't know if she reads this.

DD said...

I'd like to read about your knitting. I used to love knitting, I'm teaching myself to crochet now using one of Debbie Stiller's books.

(Loved the Unreliable Witness piece)