Wednesday, July 30, 2008


This is definitely summer. It is scorching hot out there. I have never missed the sea breeze so much.

Going to get a little bit of sea breeze when Steve and I head for the coast at the end of August for Jiva and Munkt0n's wedding. We're really looking forward to that, with extra added squee because the first time we met in real life was when we went to their engagement bash.

That'll just be a weekender though, as Steve can't book any time off work at present. But, Pip and I have been looking into the idea of car hire (Pip took his car off the road after I left town) to enable me to have a proper week's holiday and see everyone. The idea is that Steve could take me part of the way, and hand me and my suitcase over to Pip at a halfway services station. We're thinking probably September would be best, once the kids are back at school. Littlun will be doing half-days, so we'll be able to Do Stuff for half a day without all the local facilities being overrun by Bigger Kids, and then I can rest properly while he's at school.

Until I get some seafront, though, my life has been made that bit more comfortable by work having invested in an air-conditioning unit. The room was getting really quite unbearably hot, what with the combination of (1) thousands of CD cases, flat-pack corrugated cardboard boxes, and other packing materials, also known as insulation; (2) a single barred window which only opens a few inches; (3) a computer on the go the whole time; and (4) up to three adults constantly moving around the room doing work which, while it could not be described as physically demanding, works up considerably more of a sweat than sitting around typing. I don't care that my carbon footprint probably makes the baby Jesus cry. It was getting hard to breathe in there!

And now, I think, I will get my eye-mask out of the fridge, and go upstairs to lie very very still in the hope that sleep will come.


DD said...

I've been enjoying the sunny days, but don't like it when it's hot at night. No pleasing some people! We're off up to the west coast of Scotland for a few days in 2 weeks' time, love to be by the sea.

Supermouse said...

I'm loving the hot weather, although not the sunshine. The situation you described sounded very stuffy and close.

I dropped by to give more hugs. Hope you're as well as possible.

Sarah said...

We have a total of 14 people in our basement office, with 16 computers and two big servers. The baby jesus would suffocate never mind cry. I'm glad we're in the cold dark north and the sun has gone away.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to thank you for mentioning bamboo yarn - your reference sparked my interest, so I went looking for it.
I am now the proud owner of a new scarf which I completed in a mere 2 days as the bamboo yarn is so easy to work with and gorgeously soft and silky to wear (not that it's anywhere near cold enough right now, but winter cometh!)
Take care

Chelsea A. Morrish said...


Hope you are ok. We haven't heard anything from you in a month. I know you said you were going on vacation, but over here across the pond, a month is excess. Not to say that you are at all, but after two weeks one becomes a bit worried. Hope you had a great getaway!

Mary said...

Hi. Sorry. Yes. I'm okay, there's just been a lot going on and I've spent most of August thinking to myself "I'll blog this evening/tomorrow/next week."

I will start a post forthwith.