Sunday, July 20, 2008

Things are going well

It's been a great week.

First of all, those persistent Unbloggables that have been filling up large parts of my headspace are now mostly resolved, and I wish I could explain better, but it's Someone Else's Business really.

Secondly, Steve's been paid, and while we're not buying a house/going on holiday/planning a wedding/bathing in Cristal just yet, the light at the end of the tunnel has proved to be sunshine rather than the oncoming train we feared. We have finally been able to make some headway on long-overdue essential expenses as well as a couple of little treats.

So thirdly, I finally have the Panda Silk I have been lusting after since Christmas. I wasn't going to get it yet - at £6.45 per 50g ball it's expensive and technically there are more important things we should be spending money on - but Steve knew I was after it, so when he knew he'd been paid, he got on the phone to Anna at Web of Wool and arranged with her that he would pay for four balls of Panda Silk, for me to choose the colours I wanted when I came in for knitting group. And lo, for Mary did SQUEEE quite a lot before choosing two balls of blue-ey "denim tones" which I think will become socks, and two balls of green-ey "fern tones" which might become a shawl - I'm feeling brave enough to make a careful attempt at lace knitting and I've found an allegedly simple pattern.

Fourthly, and still in the knitting theme, I have finished the knitting for my jumper. I plan to start sewing it up as soon as I've been able to run Bloop around a bit, which I can't do just yet because it's still a bit antisocially early for a Sunday morning.

Fifthly, although you just know I'm going to lose count soon... Remember Georgette the Courgette? Well, she grew and grew and grew some more until she was festooned with very definitely identifiable yellow courgette fruits. And at this point things went runny, because although 101 people have offered 101 recipes for courgette, my kitchen skills for things like safely peeling and chopping and dealing with hot pans and so on are HIGHLY limited, and Steve is suspicious of vegetables in general, and in particular, vegetables that don't even have the courtesy to be green (tomatoes are apparently excused on the basis of being a core component of ketchup).

Not wanting the courgettes to go to waste, I asked our next-door neighbour if she wanted them and invited her to help herself at any time. She seemed very pleased about this, and I was happy too because I like it when I feel like I live in a community, next thing I knew, she offered to put some into a lasagne for us! Which she did, and Steve and I ate it last night with some nice ciabatta bread, and it was delicious and we ate every bit.


Nextly, I've had the paperwork for my DLA appeal through. This means I've seen the GP's report (short but supportive) and feel confident that yes, the DWP have ignored vast chunks of evidence and the appeal has a good chance.

There is a slight question-mark over getting to the appeal though. It's in a large building (too large for walking, I'd need to be pushed in the wheelchair) in Birmingham (which is too far away for a taxi and community transport has to be pre-booked which wouldn't work for the way home as I don't know how long it will take). I'm not sure, but I really doubt that my representative from the Welfare Rights place is also going to be able to drive me there and back, not to mention sit with me, push the wheelchair, and be a shoulder to cry on if it all goes horribly wrong. Even if she could, it's not her job. Steve should be able to take me and if he can, it's all good, but we have this horror that he might not be able to - you only get 14 days notice of the Appeal date which might not be enough for him to get a day off work - and we don't know if we could find anyone else to help. So on Monday I'm calling the Welfare Rights organisation to see if they have any ideas. They must have experienced this before. Still, at least that'll be an end of it one way or another. Which is a Good Thing.

And Finally, it looks like we might be getting some help from Social Services. No word yet on what you might call Daily help, but apparently as Steve is my sole carer, we're eligible for an emergency scheme whereby if he's suddenly hospitalised or something, an emergency carer will come and "live-in" with me to fulfil his role for up to 72 hours until something more sustainable, such as a short stay in a residential home or additional visiting care, can be arranged. Certain amount of paperwork, but isn't there always.


Pandora Caitiff said...

Wow that's a lot going on, but yay for good news!

Mandy said...

Gorgette is obviously a healthy and quite possibly slightly promiscuous girly! as none of her sisters have born fruit to picking point as yet!

It must be the warmth of the patio that she loves along with the very obvious fact that her owner has green fingers. :)

The Silk Panda looks gorgeous, (am deeply envious) looking forward to seeing your socks and lace.

Chelsea A. Morrish said...

Congrats on progress!

Anonymous said...

*adds note that a third ball of "ferney-green" has been requested to be put on one side at Web of Wool to make sure the colour batch is the same for knitting of something >2-balls in size*


Mary said...

Mandy - it's possible that she just grew that much fruit to spite Steve ;)

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Remember how I work in Birmingham! - if you need extra help geting in let me know and we'll sort something out.

And also - pictures of the finished jumper knitting pleeeeeeeese (or bring them tonight)

Mary said...

The jumper is complete, although I need to block it. I will bring it along tonight - Steve and I did a little photo session for it yesterday evening, but, well, I'll never exactly be a model but when I'm painkillered up to the eyeballs after a long day at work, unable to stand straight and wearing no makeup... the resulting photos should never be published.

I spoke to the woman at the welfare rights place who is helping me. Apparently my appeal will actually be in Coventry (*confused*) and she said to not panic, just send back the form and if, IF they give me a date when Steve can't take me AND I can't get help from friends, then I can submit a written request for a different date giving my reasons, which they may or may not accept.

So I'm sending the form, and have added to my master plan that next time I see my social worker I'll ask her if she's got any bright ideas.

Mandy - I saw Georgette having SEX this morning, massive great big bee waving his proboscis in her flowers like no one's business. Shocked, I was.

Maggie said...

Admittedly it's a long time ago now, but when I went to Appeal we were able to claim for taxi fares there and back.

Good luck with appealing, am sure you will get it. It's just such a pain having to go through the process. :-(

Hugs from Liverpool