Monday, December 29, 2008

Standard Christmas Post

That was a nice Christmas. Steve and I had four days off work together which hasn't happened since last Christmas, and that was less a holiday than a hectic whirl of visiting people in between nap-breaks in our hotel room, so really, we needed this.

For me it was five days, since Christmas Eve fell on a Wednesday which is my day off anyway. We'd both worked steadily at getting the house sorted out so that we wouldn't have to DO anything much - gold star to Steve who deep-cleaned the entire bathroom including the ceiling - so on Christmas Eve all I really had to do was press the button on the Roomba, which isn't taxing housework by anybody's standards. After dinner a friend came round bearing gifts and a card, and it felt very Christmassy indeed.

Christmas Day started with a glorious lie-in. At about 11am, Steve's mother came round, and then we started on the presents. My highlights were the set of KnitPicks Options interchangeable circular knitting needles, which I knew I was getting, and the iPod nano which I had no idea about. Both of those were from Steve. I think Steve's best present was the 1.5 kilos of jelly beans from one of his friends.

Christmas dinner consisted of sausages, cooked and served by Steve, with some roast potatoes with onion and bacon bits, mixed veggies, and gravy. Many people seem appalled by this, including Steve's workmates and my mother, but our logic was sound:

1) We wanted a meal we would enjoy. Steve knows he cooks sausages to perfection. However neither of us have ever attempted to cook a turkey, and my obvious limitations mean that even a regular roast dinner can be quite an adventure. So we opted for definitely-yummy sausages over a potentially disastrous attempt at Christmas Turkey Dinner With All The Trimmings.

2) We don't get much time off work together. There were better things for us to do with this precious four-day block than spend a day prepping, a day cooking, and two days washing-up.

3) Not to mention two weeks of leftovers.

4) If we happen to fancy a Turkey Dinner With All The Trimmings we can go to a carvery any week of the year and stack more (properly-cooked) grub on our plates than we can eat. We're in a fortunate position where it's not like Christmas dinner represents the one decent meal of the winter.

Plus, of course, by the time my mother phoned and expressed her horror at Sausages For Christmas Dinner, she hadn't even eaten yet, while at our house the dishes were done, the ice-cream was eaten, and Steve's mother was giving us both a run for our money on the Wii. So in the absence of the dedicated chef (mum's husband is not only an excellent cook, but actually enjoys doing it) I think our version was just fine.

I got a nap in while Steve and his mum went for a walk, and then she went home and we settled down for a nice relaxing evening.

Boxing Day was more of the same. A lie-in and a couple of hours pottering about the house playing with presents, followed by a leisurely jaunt into Warwick and a cream tea at a ye olde tea shoppe near the castle. Saturday was a lie-in, bacon sandwiches, and a trip out for some milk which turned into a couple of hours with friends at a slightly remote pub near Cubbington, complete with roaring log fire and dogs in the bar. Sunday's lie-in was followed by a trip to Kenilworth Castle, which was fun. It was also a lot more accessible than I thought it would be, so we'll have to go back in the summer when hopefully I'll be a bit more mobile again, and we can appreciate it without the pressing issue of freezing cold.

So, today is back to work day. Notable absence of lie-ins and weirdness of being in the house by myself all morning.

I don't want to post this, because posting this means my holiday is over... :(


BenefitScroungingScum said...

Glad to hear you had such a good xmas, and sausages sound like a great dinner to me! BG x

Anonymous said...

Nothing at all wrong with sausages or indeed any non-turkey dinner. My parents and I have never, since I can remember, had a roast anything. We always have rice casserole (fry onion & mushrooms, add rice, water, tin of tomatoes, olives & cubed cheese, bake the whole until water evaporated/cooked in) on the basis that it's easy to cook and we all like it. No stress, no mess, and no more than an hour in the kitchen.

DD said...

We had sliced cold turkey with rice, peppers & green salad from the greenhouse.

It left loads more time for eating chocolate.

Life's way too short to spend several hours boiling sprouts.

Maggie said...

Sounds like a really nice lazy Christmas. I was too shattered after clearing enough space for 6 of us to sit in the front room, so had to go to bed half way through Dr Who. So had my prezzies 2 days later. Nice to see the kids though, even though not as much socializing time as I'd have liked due to me being asleep! ;-)

We're off to the caravan later today, so that'll be a different New Year for us!

Happy New Year from freezing and foggy Liverpool