Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fun with Fits

Bit of an Eek the last couple of days - I've started having rather impressive fits. Sensation-wise, it feels like cramp in my muscles which then start jerking and I can't really control it. This goes on for about three to five minutes by the clock (mum's estimate) and is then followed by little "tremors" for about half an hour afterwards.

This is not on the list of ME symptoms.

I don't actually pass out, but I don't have much idea what is going on, and afterwards I'm groggy as hell for ages, not to mention sore and exhausted.

Of course on the plus side, I haven't injured myself, as it's pretty difficult to injure yourself while you're in a bed...

Yesterday evening I was on the phone to Steve and started having one, so he called my parents and asked them to go to my flat and check on me. Mum got here and I was still twitching, and given she'd seen me have one at her house not six hours earlier, she decided to call the doctor. We ended up going to the local hospital/health centre which doesn't have an A&E but is a sort of "base" for the out-of-hours doctors for the area - and then they tell you if you need to go to the Big Hospital Proper (which to be honest, the state it's in, is to be avoided at all costs).

Out of hours doctor told me to make an emergency appointment at my regular surgery for today, where someone with access to my medical records could check me over, and to stay with my parents that night. No Big Hospital, phew! Mum popped back to my flat to get me some overnight stuff, which bless her included a cuddly toy Steve got me. :)

The emergency GP at my regular surgery looked over my notes, checked me over, and seemed rather focused on one particular thing in the notes. When I got ill and was being given all sorts of tests to try and determine what was wrong with me, there was "an anomalous result" on my EEG (a type of brain scan). The neurologist decided to see how it compared to the other scan, the MRI, and decided on the whole there wasn't anything there to worry about.

The GP I saw today felt that there was a possibility that this "anomaly" from the tests last year could have developed, or been aggravated by stress/the heat/nothing/anything/everything, so she wants to refer me BACK to the neurology department to be checked out AGAIN.

In the meantime, another possibility is that my system has had enough of one of the medications I'm on - unlikely but you never know, and I'm only on a half-dose anyway so I should get away with cutting it out. See how that goes.

Why can't I just have something nice and simple? Go to the doctor, they take my blood pressure and look in my eyes and ears and throat and hit me with the little hammer and say "okay Mary, the problem is This! You'll have to rest up for a couple of weeks and take these tablets, but then you should be fighting fit and back at work again, any problems come and see me, if not we'll just have a follow-up appointment in, shall we say a month?" If this happens to you, appreciate how lucky you are!


Anonymous said...

I'll cross my fingers that it's something simple, like a reaction to heat/meds.

Mary said...

I'm sure it will be. There's only so much a person can have wrong with them.