Monday, August 14, 2006

Went to the park

No no no
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With Pip and the Littlun, Mon 7th August. Mostly, they ran round and I took pictures. It was fantastic until it started to rain and we had to go home. This picture is of them on the little roundabout, Pip is actually propelling it by pedalling furiously on these teeny-weeny little pedals and they're both laughing their heads off. I took a video of it as well as the photos. Very cute.

I think when I have a child, a good master plan might be to find a local teenager I can bribe to come to the park with us a couple of times a week, not so I can offload the child completely or anything, but so that I can do the "supervising responsible adult" part and they can do the "able to climb and run" part. You know, like they can help the child to the top of the slide and I can be waiting ready at the bottom to shout "wheeeee!"

I was hoping to write a better blog entry about it than this.

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Leiro said...

Awww, how cute do they look! A kid needs far more than just physical support - the emotional side of the relationship is much more important and I reckon you've got that nailed! :-)