Sunday, July 02, 2006

Burnt Offerings

burnt offerings
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On Saturday Steve and I had been invited to his friend Ed's housewarming barbecue. Steve lives just round the corner, so he'd agreed to help out with setting up. I in the meantime was over the road having an aromatherapy massage.

I hadn't quite thought that one through really - on the one hand, the massage meant that I was in more of a position to enjoy the afternoon properly, however the thing about aromatherapy oils is that you're supposed to leave them on for quite a while, not wash them off and apply sun cream. So I tried to find the middle ground by wiping away the excess oil from the parts of my skin that weren't covered, wearing long but thin trousers and a hat, and staying under the sunshade as much as I could get away with. I'm not burnt today so I must have got it about right.

It was a great party. Click on the picture to see more photos. There's a gap of about four hours where there are no photos, as I had gone back to Steve's to have a sleep, but at about 9pm I went back for another hour or so which was nice even if I was a bit spaced.

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