Sunday, July 02, 2006

Steve being wonderful

As some of you are no doubt aware, it's been a wee bit warm in central England the last couple of days. I like the sunshine as much as the next person, but I do prefer it to be accompanied by at least a little bit of a breeze. These temperatures are beyond a joke.

One of the symptoms of this charming illness is trouble regulating body temperature. Which means I'm one of the "at risk" groups who has to watch out. It would therefore have been nice if I'd been given this leaflet (pdf format) perhaps a month or so ago, before getting to the point where I desperately needed it.

Steve and I had spent most of today doing absolutely nothing, just lying on the bed and drinking water, with little bursts of using the computer or having a quick wash, but mostly just snoozing in the breeze from a nice big fan. Even so I had been getting lots of unusual *cramps*, particularly *weak muscles* and was even more *dizzy* than usual. I just notched it up to a bad day because of yesterday's busy-ness.

Eventually we decided that eating would be a good thing, and at about half five we went out to grab some food. On the way back I was getting even more *cramps* but decided not to worry. We got home and stuck a DVD on.

About 45 minutes into the DVD I started *shivering* and *convulsing*. I wasn't sure what was going on and was very *confused*.

Luckily Steve completely took over. He basically poured some water into me while trying to get me to tell him what I thought was going on (I didn't have a clue and was just burbling), then got me up the stairs to our room where the fan and everything is. He helped me out of my clothes, put me on the bed on my back, and then soaked a towel in cold water and put it over my front. As I started to settle, he went downstairs and got an ice pack out of the freezer which he rubbed over the towel to keep it cold. After a bit, he helped me to sit up and made me drink a glass of water, then lay me down on my front and put the towel on my back.

I started feeling better quite quickly, and within about twenty minutes I was lucid again and a bit more comfortable, although I'm still quite far from being 100% even by my usual standards.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little cooler, but at least if it isn't I know what to watch out for now.


Unknown said...

Good Man!

Top thinking on his part.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

*Gives Steve a round of applause*

Anonymous said...

Moan Moan Moan.
Is that all you do?

The sooner you die the sooner everyone that knows you will be better off.