Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Philosophy Of Scooters

Thoughts that have occurred to me while trundling along, usually at 4mph.

You will get there eventually as long as you have enough charge in your battery.

Remember that your battery is finite. Keep an eye on it.
don't get so absorbed in watching the level of your battery that you forget to watch what is happening around you.

Examine the path ahead for dropped kerbs.

More speed, less range.

You need more juice to go up a hill than to go down it
if you go down a hill on the way there, you'll go up a hill on the way back.

You are not surgically attached to the scooter, and if it breaks down, you can call on another form of transport to help you out.

Sometimes you just can't avoid a pothole.


Sorry I haven't blogged of late. Whenever I've thought of anything to say, I haven't been at the laptop - and as soon as I am, I can't think of it anymore.

I'm back "home" now, where I can't have a scooter because I'm still on the council list to be put in accessible housing. Until such time as accessible housing is available, I am stuck here in my first-floor flat that I started living in well before I got ill. One thing about a first floor flat, you can't get a scooter up the stairs, and even if I could the flat is too small to have anywhere to put it. So I'm in housing that half the time is inaccessible to me because I can't manage the stairs to get in and out of the flat (I crawl up and down them if I really must go out and there's no one to help me). And then even once I've got up/down the stairs, I still have to then move around the environs of the town - without a scooter.

I really really hope I can just move in with Steve soon and tell the utterly hopeless council where to stick it.

In the meantime, I'll just consider myself very lucky to have certain resources that I do miss at Steve's house (although not so much that I want to stay here). The proximity of family and one or two friends is nice. Having the beach within tottering distance is nice. Having some little shops on the same block is nice. Having a semi-decent bus service is nice.

Special mention to James who got sobbed at down the phone today when I'd fallen over for the Nth time while trying to get myself more water. I was sore and bumped and frustrated, not to mention thirsty, and grrrr. And on a day like this I can't just opt to Not Drink As Much. But he did a sterling job of calming me down a bit, so yay James :)

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