Sunday, July 23, 2006

If I could invent one thing

... it would be a beaker of water that I didn't have to get up to fill each time it got empty. I have fallen over that many blasted times this week while refilling my water, it is unbelieveable.

On the plus side, I have a plastic beaker with a capped straw and a lid, so spillage and breakage isn't too much of an issue.

(I just know some clever git is going to suggest having a big bottle of water in my bedroom. First of all, that'd have to be refilled too, unless I'm going to somehow lug between two and four litres of water for each day up the stairs and then store it all under the bed. And secondly, I'm often too weak to lift more than a litre to pour from.)

And, to make this post less moany, I have some peaches. They were in a punnet to "ripen at home" and they should be ready to eat tomorrow, and they smell utterly fantastic. Even if I don't eat the whole punnet, who cares, they're making the flat smell gorgeous.


lyb said...

clearly you need a slave....not a "big bottle of water" .......grin

watching him fetch/carry/dust etc might be just the ticket....and..if you got bored with could always rent him out!

Mary said...

hmmm, a good idea although I can't see Steve going for it!