Friday, May 19, 2006


Yesterday, oh boy. For starters, it was an awful day for pain and tiredness and mobility. Then I managed to get to my mums (ready to celebrate/commiserate as appropriate the outcome of Davina's first driving lesson) and realised that while I was bundled up in several layers, a big woolly jumper, a coat and a scarf and cradling my hot cup of tea, everyone else was in t-shirts and looking very concerned at me. It seems I am not a well bunny at the moment.

Davina's driving lesson went well, really well, which is great!

Unfortunately Davina's driving lesson was pretty much the only thing that went well in my world for the rest of the day... it was a day of misunderstandings, of bad timing, of unreliable phones, and not even with just one person. It was a big old tangle of grumps and stress and worry spread across several families and workplaces, and not even confined to the UK but bringing in some elements from elsewhere in Europe. I'm not even going to start to try and explain this puzzle ring of Aaaargh and how it relates to me, just take my word for it, it was Not Needed. Especially not for someone in my state...

Which is where HP came in. Poor bloke was only online because he was waiting in for a parcel. Instead he found himself drafted in as my counsellor for the day, to come out with sage advice such as "I'm sure they didn't hang up, their phone just died", "don't be daft, you've been friends for years through thick and thin" and "eating pizza would be a good thing".

And he was right. The person I thought had hung up, had run out of battery, and called me back once they had some charge again, full of "that was the worst time for my phone to go, I'm so sorry..." The friend in question, who I hadn't wanted to bother, called me, and when I started to explain about some of the things that had been going on that day they immediately offered to drop everything and come round, even though they were meant to be having a quiet evening in with their partner (I turned them down on the basis that wrecking their evening would have made me feel worse, but it's nice to know I'm cared about). And the pizza was definitely a good idea!

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MaLiChumpas said...

Hello Mary,

My friends, acquaintances and I have had a week of this. I get silly and blame the moon, tides and planets' positions. The funk should go away soon.
Have a lovely weekend.