Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Erasmus Von Uberkatzen

Erasmus Von Uberkatzen
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On Sunday we went over to Norwich to visit Erasmus (pictured) and his slaves Scott and Clare. We had a nice chat and a cuppa, but the idea of lunch fell through as they had already eaten and the idea of going out wasn't a good one either as Scott really wasn't feeling too well and Clare had some stuff she should be doing (I think she wanted to look after him a bit too).

So Steve and I set out shopping with the trusty wheelchair, Steve's first time out with it. It was great. If we were in a queue, I could just cuddle into his belly rather than leaning on my stick and shifting positions in agony. We could go at a reasonable speed, we didn't have to keep stopping, I had both my hands free, it was excellent. We had a nice cake at Druckers, and got some treats at Hotel Chocolat, had a look round Ann Summers (who I have to say were A1 on the accessibility front although I think the disabled changing room was being used for Naughty Things, I'm glad I didn't need to use it) and played with stuff in Hawkins Bazaar and the Early Learning Centre.

About three hours later we returned to Scott and Clare's flat and I had a half-hour nap. The plan was that we could then go out for dinner, but by the time I woke up Scott looked and sounded like death warmed up, Clare was starting to feel iffy too, and I was still pretty tired, so we just called it a day. I slept in the car on the way home, and we got some takeaway for dinner before snuggling down together. Lovely.

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