Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Still Mmmmm

Steve arrived early early early Saturday morning. I still felt lovely with massagey goodness. It was wonderful being able to greet him and embrace him and, um, so on, being flexible and well-rested rather than stumbling and wincing. Not quite back to the pre-ME days, but as near as I've been in the last year and a half.

The feeling of being able to happily hug him and say "I'm not under the influence of any painkillers at the moment" was amazing, even if we did both know that it just meant my as-and-when-the-pain-is-too-much painkillers - obviously I was still taking the ones I have to take every morning and evening.

After a bit of a snuggle and sleep, we headed up the seafront to a little cafe for a cooked breakfast, lovely. Then more time just being together... I had missed him so much.

The afternoon was spent with Pip and the Littlun. That wasn't part of the plan but all is not well in fairyland between Pip and Davina. Pip's under a lot of stress and desperately needs support and people around him - amongst other things, Littlun is ill, Littlun's mother keeps messing about which days she wants to see Littlun, it's been well over two months since she left them and Pip quit his job to look after Littlun and despite the JobCentre saying "yes, of course you'll be entitled to Income Support" they still haven't actually officially confirmed this or given him any money to live on yet... then on top of this, Davina, his new girlfriend of what is it now, two weeks? decides she's going to go out for dinner and to the cinema with her ex-fiancee, and she's going to pay for it too, because it's the day they would have got married if he hadn't cheated on her and left her.

None of us can figure that one out. We'd have understood if she'd told her ex she wanted to go out and then met him while being WITH Pip and a smug my-life-is-working-out grin, and left the ex to spend the evening by himself... and we'd have understood if she'd been making her ex, as the cheating bastard, pay for the film and the meal and everything, and then poured her drink over his head before leaving... but to want to ignore your new boyfriend when he needs you, to spend your money taking the old one out on a date? I mean, huh?

I'm bloody glad we were there with Pip too, because just after 7pm - Littlun's bedtime, and remember he was ill and therefore not a happy bunny - she actually had the nerve to call Pip. To tell him what a lovely time she was having and how great the film was. How Pip managed not to yell at her I do not know. Instead he very quietly, very levelly told her that as it was just after 7, he was trying to put Littlun to sleep, and couldn't talk right now. I could hardly look at his face.

Steve and Pip get on like a house on fire though, which is fantastic. We all helped tidy up, and we all chatted about all sorts of inconsequential rubbish, and we were all back on an even keel soon enough. :)

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