Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Different Way

Me preparing to bowl
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Today I went tenpin bowling with Davina and Pip - that's my aforementioned newly-dating sister and best friend.

I lost, but in all honesty I'd have lost in the days before I got ill, that's not really the point of tenpin bowling with your mates.

The shoes were a great equaliser. Normally I feel very self-conscious about not really being able to wear high heels because of the balance problems, but in the bowling alley everyone has to wear the flat dorky shoes, so that's okay!

The bowling alley provide these ramp thingies for little kids and disabled people to use, that I could line up with the lane, then get Pip or Davina to put a ball on it, and I could push the ball off. My first ball went rolling right down the middle and hit eight pins straight off, and I felt like I'd hardly done anything except watch it. So we worked out a different method.

I'd walk myself to the edge of the lane and stand where I wanted to stand, with my walking stick, and Pip or Davina would bring me the lightest ball I could fit my fingers in (an 8, if that means anything to anyone). They'd position it so I could slot my fingers in, help me lift it onto my chest, and then step out of the way. Then I could attempt to approximately aim, and let gravity do the work of swinging it down on my arm and back forwards.

Final Scores:
Davina 116, almost broke a nail
Pip 104, sore fingers
Me 84, and yes, well...

Edit, early Sunday morning: Nice/Nasty today was a no-score draw, which isn't a bad thing. Remember it doesn't include close friends and family members.

A Dishonourable Mention, though, to the pissheads who come noisily wandering past my flat between 11pm and 3am, fighting each other and smashing bottles and throwing up and singing and incoherently yelling as they go. Okay they weren't actually trying to annoy me, but that's what they do, every time, especially when it's too hot to sleep with the windows closed.


Merys said...

84 is a very respectable score for 10 pin bowling. I usually make around 65 with the bumpers up!

Mary said...

Merys, in that case do you fancy a game sometime? ;-)

timmy... this is my blog. If you don't like it, or if you have a problem with disabled people, please leave. If you don't leave, then please refrain from posting offensive comments. This is a polite request. Thankyou.

Wobblingscruffbag said...

Hugs *s*