Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Still Paying For It

Had to spend the whole day in bed again, except for my bath. By dinnertime I felt a bit better so I called my friend Linda. She's moving house soon and we've been meaning to go out for dinner for ages, so we went to a nice family-friendly restaurant with her little girl Megan. Unfortunately even that was too exhausting for me - I managed to eat but I couldn't make it back to the carpark, Linda had to bring the car round to pick me up. But we had a really nice meal.

She's found a fantastic house. It's a bloody long way away - in Wales, of all places - which doesn't make much odds to them as her husband is a long-distance lorry driver, but it means I certainly won't be seeing them as much! Friendly village, local butcher/baker/post office/etc, gorgeous scenery, it suits her down to the ground. I will miss having her around, but I know she's wanted to leave this town for quite a while and I hope she settles in well.

I'm getting really worried reading in the news about the water shortages and these things called "standpipes". From what I've gathered, if it gets to the point where standpipes are put in, that means water to houses and flats is cut off and you have to go out to the street with bottles and buckets and collect your daily allowance. Frankly I'm terrified about how I'd cope with that. It's difficult enough to manage to go out and get my basic "top-up" shopping (pint of milk, loaf of bread) and carry it up to my flat. I certainly can't carry things up the stairs every day, or even most days. I don't think I'd manage water, at a rate of a litre or so per day to drink, plus enough to wash me, wash my dishes, cook with and so on. And nowhere does it seem to explain what happens about flushing the loo!

Nice people:
-the staff at Tuttles, where we had dinner. Lovely people.

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